Dog Leads Rescuers to Blind Owner Who Fell in Icy Brook – :) Healthy Happy News

Two dogs prove that they are not just loyal companions but heroes as well. One dog barked for help and led rescuers to her blind human who fell in a brook. The other dog also barked furiously to get the attention of a sanitation worker to help his human who tripped and fell. When you are 84-years-old, legally blind, and falls in a frigid brook, it definitely helps to have a hero to save you, no matter what form.  This time, it was a yellow Labrador called Samantha. The Maine man kept on yelling and his dog kept on barking to catch the attention of anyone.  And when rescuers came, Samantha led them to where her owner had fallen while on their dog run. By that time, the elderly man was already getting hypothermia as his temperature had already dropped to about 84 degrees. Officers immediately rescued the man. Thank you, Samantha! But wait, there’s one more canine hero from Glendale. Eighty-eight-year-old Gwendola Johnson tripped on something and fell to the ground outside her home.  She was not hurt but she could not get up. While Johnson was on the ground, she caught a glimpse of sanitation worker Kirk White…

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What do you think?

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