Discovery of solar system ‘superhighway’ could speed up space travel

For all our space geeks, we have some fascinating news from the cosmos. Scientists have discovered what is being called a Solar System “superhighway” network of routes that could allow spacecraft to travel much faster during future deep space missions. In essence, this could help humanity explore deep space without wasting years on each journey. To find the routes, scientists computed how many “millions” of Solar System orbits fit inside known space manifolds or arch structures that extend from the asteroid belt. Makes sense, right? By following these routes, space travel could significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to visit the outer reaches of the Solar System while simultaneously cutting down on the amount of energy involved to propel forward. In addition, the new findings could be used to study near-Earth objects that might threaten the planet. For a more detailed understanding of this cosmic “superhighway” network, have a look here at this article from SciTechDaily.

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What do you think?

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