How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Working For You?
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FEBRUARY 15, 2008
Susan Scholl, HappyNews Columnist

Here we are, well into the year now, and I will just bet that most of those New Year’s resolutions went by the wayside a few weeks ago. But don’t fret. New Year’s resolutions rarely work for anyone. So let’s take a look at what does work.
The good news about New Year’s Resolutions is that they don’t work in the way we think they will. You aren’t alone in this. Remember the one about losing 10 pounds per month and exercising every single day? How long did that one last? It most likely didn’t last because it wasn’t realistic and it didn’t really create a lifestyle change for you. So don’t fret, you don’t have to make up any more of those annoying resolutions.
Now for the great news! You absolutely can make the changes in your life that you have desired to do for so long. You might find change to be frightening and intimidating. You have lived in your comfort zone for years and breaking away from that can create uneasiness along with newly found freedom. You do what you do because it has worked for you over the years, and yet at the same time, you know you want something different.
So how about trying something new? Something easy, something fun! Write in a journal all about how you visualize the perfect life. Thinking about it is one thing, but putting it in writing gives it some real power. How do you see your life? Do you see yourself living in a wonderful place surrounded by all the joys in life? Do you have lots of acquaintances and great friends? Are you in the career that you love? If you are retired, is it what you anticipated it to be? Is your life balanced as you enjoy your spirituality, health and fitness, friendships, education, recreation time? Picture that perfect life! It’s out there waiting for you.
After you have the mental picture of your ideal life, then take a look at what you need to do to make it a reality. Start gathering ideas. Would it be to your benefit to search for a new place to live, a new career, or new friends? Take a look at the things that drain you and the things that energize you. Are you in an environment that drains your energy or one that provides you with fuel every day to make you want more? Do your friends energize you or sap you of your energy? Do they bring you joy? Do you need to find some new friendships and give up some others? Is your body happy with you? Do you treat your body like a good friend or do you abuse it with overeating and under exercising? If you want to get creative, you can consider making a collage on poster board. Gather several magazines and cut out pictures that appeal to you. Paste them on the board in any order that you wish. Another idea would be to make a life map on the board. For example, where to you see yourself now and where to you see yourself in the future. What steps will it take to get there? Then stand back and observe what you have done. Have you learned something new about yourself?
When you address the real issues in your life, you can make some fabulous changes—ones that will energize you and bring you peace. Think about hiring a life coach to support your process. You will no longer need those useless New Year’s resolutions. It’s up to you. How exciting to be in charge of your life.

Susan Scholl is a Certified Professional Life Coach. You can learn more about her at