Craig Harris

Craig Harris is a husband, father, award-winning journalist, pastor, and author. His “Apparently So” parenting column is featured in newspapers across the country and on websites around the world. Harris believes parents should be deliberate in their effort to provide a happy, safe, secure home. The more fun a family has, the more the parents earn the right to pass their values on to their children. It can’t be all fun – after all, children need their parents to guide and protect them and not just be their friends – but he wants parents to realize how important it is that they establish a warm, emotionally stable relationship with their children. Harris currently serves as the Parent Involvement Coordinator for the Palestine Independent School District and is the pastor of a country church. Harris graduated from Texas A&M University in 1983 with a journalism degree. He was an Associated Press Award Winning TV Reporter and Photographer at KLTV, Channel 7, in Tyler, Texas until 1991, when he left to became a full-time student minister. Harris has written seven books, Sharpen Your Acts!; Yikes! What Am I Teaching Wednesday Night?; Yikes Again!; Ground Your Faith!; Secrets of the Abundant Life; The Sixty-Year Honeymoon; and a novel called The Dead Peasants File (available soon!). He is a regular guest on radio talk shows and is available for speaking engagements. Harris and his wife, Jodi, were married in 1991 and have two children, David and Savannah. The Harris' have a very spoiled dachshund named Jello.

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