Cat makes some ‘adjustments’ on custom cake his family ordered – :) Healthy Happy News

Gemma Howarth ordered a special custom cake for his son’s ninth birthday. The cake was left overnight unattended, with its lid firmly on. The next morning, the family was surprised that half of the frosting was already eaten. And there was only one culprit: their adorably playful kitten, Bruce! Gemma Howarth’s son’s ninth birthday was approaching, so she thought of having a very special custom cake for him. It was the first professional customized cake they had ever ordered, so everyone was so thrilled about it, including the family’s kitten, Bruce, who was the newest addition to the family’s cats: Bree and Tess. “[He’s] boisterous and hyper, but he still loves a good cuddle,” Gemma told The Dodo. Overnight, the cake was left unattended, but the lid was firmly on. The next morning, everyone was shocked that someone already had his first taste of the cake, even before the celebration took place! Half of the frosting was eaten, but the lid wasn’t moved at all. This and some other clues led the investigation straight to Bruce. As the cake was eaten without having to move the lid, it was clear that the culprit was small enough to fit in —…

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What do you think?

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