Why Do People Get Bags Under Their Eyes?

By Dominique Brooks

Why Do People Get Bags Under Their Eyes?

Have you ever wondered what causes under-eye bags? They are a common annoyance for many, and knowing what causes bags under the eyes can help you determine the best treatment.

By Dominique Brooks

OverviewEye bags are a common problem but are generally not a sign of a serious condition. This annoying condition of under-eye puffiness can be caused by a variety of factors.Aging ProcessAs one gets older, the muscles and ligaments under the eyes get weaker, which allows the fat that is already under the eyes to slide forward.LifestyleNot getting enough sleep, smoking, stress, drinking to much alcohol, lack of exercise or other poor lifestyle habits can cause bags to form under the eyes faster.Allergy IssuesAllergic reactions or sinus conditions can cause eye bags to form due to the frequent swelling under the eyes or frequent itching which can lead to weakened skin under the eyes.Water RetentionWater retention–caused either by eating salty foods or hormonal fluctuations–can cause eye bags.HeredityIf parents developed bags under their eyes, there is a higher likelihood of their children developing eye bags at some point.ResourcesreferenceMayo Clinic.comreferenceGenius Beauty.comreferenceLaser Surgery Review.comresourceVisit the Mayo Clinic.com for more information

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REFERENCE/RESOURCE: Laser Surgery Review.com

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