Why Do Cats Cuddle?

By Tabatha Goodwin

Why Do Cats Cuddle?

If you have a cuddly cat you may be in the minority! Cats have a reputation of being aloof and unfriendly, but many cats love to cuddle their owners. Just what makes some cats enjoy cuddles and other shy away?

By Tabatha Goodwin

OverviewCats are popular pets and are often favored for their ability to cuddle. Cats cuddle as a way to communicate feelings with owners.SignificanceCats cuddle as a form of affection and a sign of trust toward owners and other animals.FunctionCats are low-maintenance and independent pets. A cat likes cuddle time to feel close to her owner, feeling her warmth and breathing in a quiet environment.MisconceptionsMany people believe that cats are independent or loners, and not affectionate pets. However, much of the reason why a cat cuddles has to do with in what type of environment he was raised. Cats raised in a calm, affectionate family learn to trust humans and express that through cuddling. Of course, whether a cat cuddles or not has a lot to do with his personality.WarningYou should never force a cat to cuddle. Work on building up a tolerance by cuddling for a few minutes, or as long as she will allow, and paying attention to her at other times to earn her trust.Theories/SpeculationMany experts believe that cats feel a wide range of emotions, such as love, trust and fear, which they express through actions such as cuddling, purring or hiding.ResourcesreferenceTips and TricksreferenceCatChannel.comreferenceBestFriendsPetCare.comresourceNew Cat CityresourceHow to Convert Your Reclusive Cat to a Cuddly Lap KittyresourceUnderstanding Your Cat’s Social Nature and Behavior

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REFERENCE/RESOURCE: BestFriendsPetCare.com

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