Where to Sell an Antique Car

By Kim Kenney

Where to Sell an Antique Car

Kim Kenney
By Kim Kenney

OverviewWhen the time comes to sell your antique or classic car a little bit of work will go a long way. In spite of the economic downturn, it is possible to sell your collector car, if you can find the right buyer.ResearchMake sure that you know everything about your car and the car’s manufacturer. Research through the Internet and in local and national antique car publications to see what the price range is for your vehicle.NetworkJoin a local or national organization for the make of vehicle that you own. Talk to people in your club. Perhaps they would like to purchase your vehicle or know someone who would like to.Local AdsCheck with your local car clubs. These organizations will have newsletters, magazines or websites where you can sell your vehicle. Take flyers around to the local car shows. Place an ad in the Antique and Classic vehicle section in your newspaper.National AdsGo to the library or bookstore and look through the automotive magazines for national publications that list vehicles for sale. Most of the time there will be a fee for the ad but it is money well spent. Many of these publications may also put the ad on their website. Consider online auction sites as well.Be SeenPeople who go to car shows and cruise-ins are interested in cars. Put a “FOR SALE” sign in your car and get out there so people can see it.ResourcesreferenceHow to Sell Antique, Vintage and Classic Cars

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