Unique children’s party places

Unique children’s party places

It’s quite a challenge finding new and exciting places to have a child’s birthday party. Here are a few ideas:

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By Emma Salkill

Looking for a unique place to have your son or daughter’s birthday party this year? Sure, you could opt for the usual party at home or even a fast food restaurant party but those have all been done to death, right? After five or six parties for your child the challenge becomes greater to think of a place where kids will really enjoy themselves yet is affordable and available.

How about a party at the local fire department? Most will let you party there for free. The fire department can accommodate quite a few kids and it’s so much fun for them. There’s lots of room to run and play plus they get to see the firefighters come and go. Usually you can arrange to let the kids be shown around on a real fire engine by a real firefighter. Some stations have toy badges they give the children. Some give a toy firefighter hat to the birthday child. Call your local fire department and see what arrangements can be made for the party. You can purchase inexpensive firefighter hats at dollar stores or similar retailers.

Kids love to skate. Skating rinks, ice or roller, are great fun and the cost is usually nominal. The rink normally doesn’t charge you for the party but each child must pay for skates. Call ahead to find out a time when the rink may not be really crowded so that your crowd can enjoy themselves.

Museums are a fantastic place to learn while having a party. Check to see that there are picnic tables available for the party then take the kids on a museum tour afterwards. Some tours are guided only whereas other tours are reliant on the parents to escort the kids. Check with the museum for tour times or information on giving the tour yourself.

What could be better than having a birthday party at an ice cream parlor? You can even arrange for the company to furnish the cake. Always call well in advance to make the arrangements.

Know someone with a pool? Pool parties are perfect for kids and adults alike. Be sure there is plenty of supervision in the pool and surrounding area. If you live near a beach that’s even more fun. Kids can build castles and play in the water after having cake and ice cream.

Theme parks are a favored spot for kids and adults alike. Of course, you’ll need lots of parents to watch the kids since these parks are so large.

Why not have a bowling party for the kids? Invite the parents as well for a fabulous time for all. The cost will be that of the games and shoes plus the expense of cake and ice cream. You can sometimes find “bowl one game get one free” offers from area alleys that will save some money.

Some arcades or game rooms will also let you throw your child a party. Some of the machines give tickets that can be cashed in for small novelties at the end of the day.

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