The importance of using secure servers when shopping online

The importance of using secure servers when shopping online

Today shopping online has become more popular than ever, increasing the importance of secure servers to gain added confidence for the consumer.

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By Eva Perry

Today, shopping online has become an ever increasing activity for a majority of consumers, creating an even greater need for secure servers.

First of all we need to define what a secure server is. A secure server initiates a secure connection between the browser and the intended server via the internet where the communications then become encrypted. It is also referred to as a SSL server, which means, Secure Sockets Layer. The URL used with secure servers starts with https, followed by www which is used by all servers.

Be sure that the browser you are using allows a secured connection, or an error may occur when you access a particular website. If the internet connection is through a firewall, an error may also occur if using a secured server.

Now, let’s take a look at a list of reasons why it’s important to use a secure server when you are shopping online.

The risk of consumer fraud happening is at a greater risk when doing commerce on the internet and therefore, a secure server will provide the consumer with protection of their personal data from anyone else retrieving it through illegal activity or hacking method.

There is added assurance that sensitive credit card information is only being transferred between the consumer’s browser and the server handling the shopping transaction.

The consumer’s personal bank account numbers, such as their debit account numbers, Paypal account numbers, and any other options used for payment of shopping transactions online, are encrypted when they are processed using a secure server

Shopping online will become more prevalent when consumers are confident that their information can’t be shared or retrieved by any other person or company, since they are dealing with companies online that offer secure servers.

More companies that wish to sell their products online will know that there is a satisfied market of consumers ready to shop if they are purchasing from a company that uses a secure server.

Companies that sell goods and products online and use secure servers prevents a chaos of trouble that may occur from the possible manipulation of hackers and prying eyes that may attempt to retrieve another person’s personal and sensitive information.

The consumers purchase information of products bought online can’t be seen by anyone else, therefore protecting the consumers’ privacy.

Secure servers may also discourage fraudulent practices of identity theft, where a consumer’s information is unknowingly obtained from an individual.

Companies using secure servers have a Certificate Authority which will prove that the website is operated by the company it claims, therefore giving the consumer proof and assurance they need to know they are dealing with a reputable company.

Finally, there are an abundance of companies and websites that offer shopping online, but try to find one that offers the consumer a secure server website the next time you decide to do your shopping online.
Secure servers on the internet will give consumers the added confidence they need to make their purchases without the added worry of their private and personal information possibly being intercepted without their consent.

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