Single Parent Dating Advice

By Connie Whiting

Single Parent Dating Advice

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By Connie Whiting

According to a government census study, single parent households continue to rise each year worldwide. Some single parent households originate as a conventional nuclear family household, and then move into a single parent household through divorce or death. Other single parent households result as a life choice to raise a child without an active partner in the beginning. However, no matter the reasons for single parenting, at some point that parent may decide to start dating, a normal process that involves special considerations because of the children.TimingDo not date too soon. Well meaning friends and family may encourage you to date before you feel ready yourself. If a divorce or death has occurred you may need more time for healing than some others. Furthermore, the children may also need time to adjust to the idea of mom or dad dating.CommunicationKeep the lines of communication open. Talk about your emotions and fears to clergy, a good friend, or a counselor. Depending on the age of your children, do not leave them out of the loop. Discuss their fears and feelings and explain your own within reason and their ability to understand.Meeting DatesThere are several ways to meet a potential dating partner. You might meet them in person at work or even at a shop. Maybe friends have someone they want to introduce you to. Blind dates can be scary but if the friend introducing you knows you pretty well, she just may be right on the money as to who you might like. In addition, many people meet on the Internet through dating sites. If you decide to use a dating site, choose a site that thoroughly screens applicants. If you do decide to have a first date, meet in a public place and make sure a friend knows where you are and how to reach you. Better yet, many dating sites have “mixers” or parties at a public hall where people can meet and mingle without actually going out on a date first.RulesRemember you make the rules in your dating life. This includes not only who you date but where you go, what kinds of activities you do and how soon your date will meet your kids. A good rule of thumb, however, is waiting until you have dated a person a few times before bringing them into your children’s lives. Kids sometimes attach themselves to people easily so meeting every single date you have might overwhelm them if it does not last. Be open to new dating experiences but hold fast to your own individual values as well. Staying true to ones beliefs and ideas ensures that eventually you will meet the right person not only for you but your children as well.ResourcesreferenceSingle Parent Household ; 1980–2007referenceDating Tips for Single MothersreferenceSingle Parent DatingresourceDating and the Single ParentresourceDating Tips for MenresourceDating Tips for Women

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