Shampoos for hair growth

Shampoos for hair growth

Looking for a way to make your hair grow thicker and healthier? Here are some descriptions on shampoos specially designed for hair growth that will fit your needs–and your budget.

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By Tamiya King

When you’re looking for a shampoo that will help you hair to grow quickly and healthily, there are a few components to look for. Make sure that you purchase a conditioner with natural extracts, like aloe vera and jojoba oil. This will help to moisturize the scalp and promote hair growth. Anti-itch agents, like tea tree oil or sulfur will help you hair to grow healthier as well, and can prevent dry scalp in the process.

Shampoos with products that will thicken and moisturize the hair will promote hair growth, too. Coconut oil and wheat protein will help with this; it may also be a good idea to purchase the conditioner that accompanies the shampoo for best results. A conditioner will help to detangle the hair and make it easier to comb and brush. For conditioning the hair, it may be best to leave the conditioner in for a few minutes after shampooing to make sure that the hair is thoroughly moisturized.

You should also look for shampoos that are specifically made for your hair type. These days, there are shampoos that are designed for thick, thin, curly and straight hair types. Choosing a shampoo for the type of hair you have (and not the hair you want) will help you to accomplish your goal of having thicker, longer hair in less time than you may imagine.

Product lines like Pantene Pro V, Garnier Fructis, and Tresemme have shampoos that are formulated to help hair grow thicker and fuller naturally using special conditioners and plant extracts. Tresemme’s Fortifying Strength shampoo is ideal for thin or limp hair, and provides a protective coating from antioxidants. This shampoo also helps to prevent split ends, and is lightweight, so it provides volume for the hair without weighing it down. Tresemme’s Vitamin B12 and Gelatin Anti-Breakage shampoo has also been known to help hair grow by lubricating the scalp and keep hair from breaking due to lack of moisture. You can find Tresemme’s hair care products at local beauty supply stores like Sally’s, or at local drug stores, like CVS, Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart.

Garnier Fructis is known for being especially gentle on the hair, especially hair that is color-treated or extremely dry. Garnier’s Long and Strong shampoo nourishes the hair from the root, so that it will grow stronger and faster. The shampoo contains vitamins B6 and B3, along with fructose and glucose to stimulate hair growth from the scalp and protect it from split ends and severe breakage due to excessive heat from the sun, dryers, or curling irons.

Pantene also has a number of shampoos that will promote hair growth. The company’s newest product line includes Amino Pro-V complex, which helps to restore the strength of each single strand of your hair. Amino acids can be lost from exposure to free radicals and blow drying, and this shampoo helps to restore amino acids in the hair, and this product can help to make hair more flexible and thicker with just the first few uses.

For shampoos that are a little less popular but definitely less effective, shampoos containing emu oil will help hair to grow strong and longer, and is also ideal for African-American hair; Folli-cleanse shampoo helps to rid the hair of excessive product buildup, which frees the scalp; and Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo, complete with anti-fungal agents to cleanse the hair thoroughly. These less well-known products may be sold in drugstores, but can mostly be found online, on sites like,, and

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