Plus size wardrobe essentials for winter

Plus size wardrobe essentials for winter

When winter blows its chilly winds, there are certain wardrobe essentials that every plus size woman needs. Here’s a checklist so you will be ready!

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By Donna Reynolds

Winter brings cooler temperatures and the need for warmer clothes. Wools return to store racks and women pull out their blazers and sweaters. There are certain wardrobe essentials that every woman needs, and plus size women are no exception. Here’s a list of must-haves for winter dressing.


For working women, a good, long coat is indispensable. Wool is always a great choice and is a natural insulator for those chilly mornings. Look for a basic, solid color that will coordinate with the predominant color choices in your wardrobe. Black, gray, navy, or camel are excellent choices and timeless in appeal. Make sure that the coat is long enough to match the length of your longest skirt, and that the coat is roomy enough to accommodate wearing a blazer or sweater underneath it. A good long wool coat can be worn for work or evening, and a classically styled coat is a timeless investment.

While down coats are warm and practical, their added bulk may not be flattering for the fuller figure. A longer, down jacket is a better choice and more practical. Avoid furs, and instead, opt for a faux fur fun jacket for casual wear.

If you live in an area where winters are milder, you should have a good trench coat to wear during the rainy season. As with a wool coat, neutral colors are best. A trench coat with a removable lining offers great versatility and can be worn in fall and spring as well.


A neat, wool blazer paired up with a pair of coordinating pants or a nice skirt is a great look for work. This combination projects a professional image while at the same time offering versatility. A wool blazer can also be worn with jeans for a great casual look. Plus size women should look for longer jackets that extend below the hip. Short, cropped jackets tend to cut the body in half and are not as flattering. Avoid loud plaids or prints, and instead look for muted plaids or solids.

Wool Pants

While skirts are great for the other three seasons, winter is the time to invest in some good wool pants. They keep you warm and look great at the same time. Today’s wool is a long way from the bulky weight wools that our mother’s wore. Washable, lightweight wool is nearly indiscernible from other fabrics, and maintains body heat and shape much better than polyester blends. It really is worth the difference in price.

Plus size women should avoid any kind of pleated pants, opting instead for a flat front fit. Happily, fuller figured shoppers are no longer forced to endure elastic waists as the only option, and plus size pants are now available with the same waist treatments as smaller sizes. If you plan on tucking in your shirt or sweater, make sure that you have a good belt, and that it matches your shoes.

Sweater Sets

A fashion staple in the 1940s, the sweater set is back and an absolute must-have for business wear. For winter, chose a soft blended knit and make sure both pieces fit comfortably. The sweater set can be worn with pants, cropped pants or a skirt, and offers a bit of extra warmth as well as style. For evening, look for a beaded or metallic set. You can wear this with a pair of dress pants or a long skirt.


Boots are today’s hottest fashion trend, and every woman should own at least one pair. A pair of high boots paired up with a long skirt is a great look, and also looks terrific with a pair of wool cropped pants. Always try on boots before buying to make sure that they fit comfortably over your calves. Some high boots have an elastic insert on the side and these are great for women with larger legs. You should also consider shorter boots. There are plenty of great styles, and women are wearing short boots not only with pants, but with skirts as well.


In winter, think warm! Look for long wool or knit scarves, felt hats, and leather gloves. Staying warm doesn’t mean being boring, and you can express your creativity by the way you accessorize.

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