Plus size fashion advice every woman should know

Plus size fashion advice every woman should know

Just because you wear a larger size doesn’t mean that you can have style. Here are some guidelines for plus size women.

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By Donna Reynolds

Larger women are no longer content with mediocre fashion. They are saying “no” to ill-fitting polyester and demanding not only style but the same kind of selection that is available to their smaller sisters. Designers and manufacturers have finally begun to recognize that 50 percent of women in the U.S. are size 14 and over, and department stores have also become aware of this important market.

Every woman is different, but there are some things that plus size women should consider when shopping for new clothes. Although there is a larger selection available, larger women can still have difficulty finding clothes that suit their lifestyles. Additionally, some department stores are still reluctant to devote a lot of expensive floor space to this clientele, still buying into the old idea that larger women are perfectly content with the status quo.

No matter where you live or what types of stores are in your area, there are certain guidelines to help every plus sized woman feel attractive and well dressed. Here are five tips for a better you!


Larger women need to pay particular attention to the type of foundation garments that they wear. Unlike smaller women, bras and foundation garments are not usually as readily available, and may even need to be special-ordered. The temptation is to skimp in this area, but investing in good quality supportive garments pays off in the long run. Wearing good foundation garments will help make you feel more comfortable and contribute to a stylish, put-together look.


This is an area where it’s okay to splurge. Look for pretty, feminine nightgowns and sexy robes for nightwear, and lacy camisoles and bras for evening. Pretty lingerie is available in department stores catering to larger women as well as from online outlets. There are hundreds of online stores selling great lingerie for plus size women. Remember, size should be no barrier to feeling sexy.


While shopping for plus size clothing may be a bit of a challenge, finding accessories is a breeze, and full-figured women should splurge on fashionable extras that complement their wardrobes. Accessories can be purchased in finer department stores as well as discount outlets, in a wide range of prices.

This is one area where there are no rules, and a woman can be truly creative. Turn an ordinary black dress or suit into something special with a pretty scarf or shawl. Look for color and texture to coordinate with wardrobe favorites. Color draws the eye and can detract from other areas. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be impressive, and costume jewelry can be just as much fun to wear. Look for fun handbags and hose. Scarves are also being worn with jeans instead of a belt, and can coordinate with your blouse or sweater.


Shoes can often make an outfit. Don’t hesitate to be bold in the shoe department, and mix and match colors and styles to extend your wardrobe options. There are virtually no limits to the choices that are available and the places where you can buy them. Check discount department store for colorful, inexpensive summer shoes and don’t forget end of the season sales. For winter, splurge on a nice pair of leather boots.

Hair, Makeup, and Nails

To polish up your look, splurge on a good stylist. Too many women neglect this area, and it is surprising how a great new hairstyle can really improve your overall appearance. Ask the stylist for suggestions, and don’t be afraid to make a change. Stop by the makeup counter at your local department store and get some tips from a professional on using the right foundation, blush, and eye makeup for your face and coloring. Finally, pay attention to your nails and treat yourself to a manicure or trip to a nail salon. In the summer, don’t let your toes detract from your pretty new sandals. Have regular pedicures and keep your nail polish fresh.

Attention to detail and accessories can add style and polish to any woman’s wardrobe, but for a plus size woman, these little extras can really make the difference between being well dressed and in style.

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