Plus size bra type and brand reviews

Plus size bra type and brand reviews

We’ve come a long way baby when it comes to plus size bras! Today, thousands of plus sized bra styles from which to select exist.

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By Katie Eyles

What is a plus size bra?

A plus size bra is usually defined as a bra fitting a woman size 14 or above. Other than the size, there is nothing really different about them,

Where do I find plus size bras?

Fortunately, you can find them in almost any store that carries plus size clothing. Look in the Women’s section or the lingerie section. If you can’t find the size you need, look on the Internet. Not only is every size imaginable listed on the Internet, but there are also websites for plus size women that advise you on how to determine the fit
and style of your bra.

What is the best bra for everyday?

Of course, I haven’t tried on every plus size bra made, but I have tried on a lot of them. Lane Bryant has a warm spot in my heart because they had plus size bras when few others did. I have to admit though, I find that the new styles put out by Platex and Just My Size are very comfortable. I used to think that I had to have an under wire bra. Typically, however, the wire in under wire bras break through the material. Then, they become very painful, stabbing you in the side every time you move. Just My Size puts out several
wire free bras. My favorite is the Smooth Stretch Seamless Wire Free Bra. It gives you some support and maximum comfort. I have tried the satin wire free bra, but have noticed that the material gets a little warm, especially on a hot summer day. These bras cost between $12.99 and $14.99. For more support without a wire, Platex puts out an 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra for $20.70. and an 18 Hour Seamless Comfortflex Bra for $19.90. Source: – A Turkish information blog.

How about a good sports bra?

Great sports bras are easy to find, both online and off. Here a just a few of the many from which to choose. Leading Lady has a comfortable sports bra
from $14.50 to $16.50 and a jazzy multi-colored sports bra for $14.99.
Just My Size has a comfortable and relatively cheap sports bra for $9.99. Bali has a downtime bra For just 14.99. Champion woman offers pink or blue sports bras for only 16.99

Is there a good front fastening bra?

Even though there is a need for front fastening bras, there don’t seem to be as many styles in the stores. However, there are plenty of styles listed on the Internet. My personal favorite right now is the Just My Size Comfort Cushion Strap Front Close Wire Free Bra for 13.99. It gives support and comfort,
even though it is not the most comfortable bra I own. Another front snapping bra that I have tried is the Leading Lady: Sleep Leisure Bra for $17.00. This bra is more comfortable than the Just My Size bra, but it is not the bra when you need support. A bra that I have not tried, but is a front hook bra is the Goddess Soft Touch. It is a bit pricier than the others, costing $27.99.

What about a strapless bra?

I gave up on strapless bras several years ago, but I’m sure improvements have been made. I can not personally recommend any of them, but I can tell you where to find them. Goddess has a variety of strapless bras, including the Strapless Lace Satin Underwire. This bra is reinforced with “flexible boning” and “side boning” for extra support. Other Goddess strapless bras include an underwire bra for $31.35, a detachable strap bra for $26.00, and a molded underwire strapless for $42.75. Also, Fredricks of Hollywood is now carrying plus size lingerie! They have a Hollywood Extreme Cleavage Stapless bra for $28.00.

Are there sexy bras for plus size women?

Yes M’am! Of course, for over the top sexy, Fredricks of Hollywood is a great place to go. You may want to try the Convertible Satin Ice Strapless Bra for $24.00 (on special) or the Enhancer Sheer and Lace Bra for $32.00. Bali has a Bali Lace Desire Deep Plunge Underwire Bra for $23.10 (on special). Lane Bryant has a wide selection of sexy bras, including an Eyelash Lace Triangular Demi Brand a Llace-Overly Demi Bra, both costing under $35.00. Even Playtex has a fill Lace Underwire Bra for $19.90.

Comfortable and sexy bras are no longer just for skinny woman. Big and busty can be soft, sensual, supported, or strapless! Whatever you need, there is now a bra for you.

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