Planning an entire wedding for less than 400$

Planning an entire wedding for less than 400$

Save your money for the honeymoon. Keep your wedding simple and within a $400 budget by using these great tips.

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By Melissa LaRose

Planning a great wedding with a miserly budget? There are many brides faced with such a dilemma so here are some tips for getting your entire wedding for less than $400. Just remember your ingenuity and creativity are the limits when it comes to budget weddings.

1. Priorities, what are yours? What are the five most important things that must happen at your wedding that you cannot do without? What do you have to have and what can you do without? Make a list of everything you want and then prioritize the list. With list in hand you will know, and so will everyone else, what is important to you. This list will probably change as you create your perfect budget wedding.
2. Know your limits. Everyone has them unless you are the Donald and I bet if you asked him he would tell you the importance of understanding your limits if only to overcome them. Knowing your limits will tell you financially where you stand and where your creativity will need to focus.
3. Know what you are responsible for. Traditionally the bride and groom are responsible for certain purchases. If he asked you to marry him then the pricey ring is on his list. On the other hand, the bride’s family is responsible for the cost of the wedding. None of this, of course, is absolute. Modern marriages are just that, modern, and are often assembled far outside traditional boundaries. Still, dividing up responsibilities and cost can help all the way around.
4. What can you trade for, receive as a gift, as a discount, or receive for free? To answer this question you will need to do some research and shop around. With your priority list in hand and the responsibilities assigned, work through your items. If you are a great shopper you may be able to find a package deal at a hotel that covers most of your needs. Search out the bridal shows, bridal shops and online bridal portals. Many of these sites and events offer drawings and discounts that are not advertised anywhere else. Enter as many drawings as you can and you could end up winning and saving yourself a bundle. Évaluez la qualité de nos pilules bleues tout droit venues d’Inde et obtenez une érection efficace pendant longtemps. Contact travel agents as well to see if they have any bridal packages. Keep in mind that discounts and packages may limit you in some area so be prepared to adapt.
5. Ask for help. Relatives and close friends are usually very generous when a couple needs help with the cost of a wedding. Understand that monetary support counts as a wedding present so do not pout when that is all you receive from those who have helped out.

1. Choose a location that is open for public use like a park or lake setting.
2. Ask to use a friend’s backyard or home for the wedding location.
3. Make it a potluck reception or just serve cake and drinks instead of a meal.
4. Assemble your own invitations with the help of friends.
5. Hand-deliver (where it makes sense to) your invitations instead of mailing them.
6. Borrow a wedding dress or wear something untraditional.
7. Find a qualified friend to conduct the ceremony.
8. Inherit a wedding ring from a grandmother or a relative from your past.

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