Planning a mom and daughter makeover party

Planning a mom and daughter makeover party

Bond with your daughter in a way that is fun for both of you and that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

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By Paulla Estes

Little girls, from the time they are very small, love to dress up in their mom’s clothing. Even a three-year-old will sit in front of a mirror with mom and put on make-up, jewelry, high-heeled shoes, and anything else she can find. As a young girl grows, she will learn from her mother; how to dress, color coordination, make-up tips, hair styling, and many other fashion and beauty tips. One way to get moms and their daughters together for an extended session of fashion and beauty is to have a Mom and Daughter Makeover Party.

A Mom and Daughter Makeover Party is a great way for a few moms and their daughters to get together for a few laughs, eat party food, enjoy the bond that only mothers and daughters share, and go away feeling pretty and special. A Mom and Daughter Makeover Party need not be a lavish, expensive occasion with hired make-up artists and fashion consultants; these are optional and fun, but not necessary. A simple book or short video on make-up tips and fashion might be fun to watch at the beginning of the party, or simply have a stack of fashion magazines for ideas.

Following are some ideas and tips for your Mom and Daughter Makeover Party.

1. Have lots of make-up on hand. You can go to discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Big Lots or the like, and find make-up at discount prices. Be sure to get a wide variety of colors so everyone can experiment with different things.

2. Have make-up remover on hand. The experimenting will surely include many different looks and colors, so have a stack of wash cloths and hand towels next to the sink in the bathroom with a jar of make-up remover, for easy removal.

3. Do your colors. Moms and daughters love to know what colors look best on them. Go to a fabric store or discount store and gather up as many different solid colors of fabric as you can find. You’ll only need scraps about the size of a small book. Often the scraps and leftovers are only a few cents each, and if you tell the store what you want the scraps for, they might even give you a stack, free of charge. At the party, take turns holding each piece of fabric in front of the face of each person, and see the amazing difference each color makes. Have each mom and daughter write down the colors that look best on her.

4. Hair styles. Have a basket of brushes, hair clips, bands, barrettes, and scrunchies for hair styling. Encourage joint efforts so everyone can have fun doing others’ hair.

5. Individual mirrors. It is best if each person has their own individual mirror and the most fun is had if all present sit around a large table in front of their mirrors. That way they can see themselves and each other.

6. Party food. What is a party without food? If your mirrors and make-up supplies are situated around one or more tables, the food will naturally go in the center of the table. Have fun choosing snack foods such as cheese and crackers, popcorn, and of course, chocolate.

7. Don’t forget the camera! Record your special day on film and make copies for everyone who attended.

Moms will find that their daughters grow up so fast. Having a Mom and Daughter Makeover Party will give moms and their daughters a special time of bonding and fun and the memories will last a lifetime.

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