Parties for kids:dinosaur party ideas

Parties for kids:dinosaur party ideas

Get some fabulous and fun party ideas for your next dino-themed children’s party!

Photo Credit: Diane Diederich
By Angela McKendree

Are your kids crazy for dinos? A dinosaur themed birthday party can be tons of fun for kids who just can’t get enough of those prehistoric creatures. Here are some great ideas for throwing a dino party that will be a success with all of the children in your neighborhood. Even the parents will be jealous when the see your great ideas!


Lets begin with the welcome decorations that the guests will see first. If they are starting outside of your home, make some dino foot prints in one of several ways to lead them up the walkway to your front door. One way is to use green, white or brown chalk to draw the footprints on the cement leading up to your door. Another is to use different shades f green and brown construction paper and cut out dino footprint shapes. Then you can have them laminated (in case of bad weather) or just leave them as is and tape them to the ground. If tape won’t work, try punching a hole in them and putting them all on a string. You can tie the string to your doorknob and the other end to a mailbox, car, tree or any other object sitting at the other end of your door. If you plan to have kids playing outside, then a string might be a health hazard, so keep that in mind as you plan.

The hang green and brown crepe paper that looks slightly tattered from the entrance door. You can accompany the paper with construction paper leaves, what the herbivore dinosaurs ate a long time ago, or more footprints hanging from the ceiling and taped to the door.

Food and cake:

For snacks you can put out mini trees, otherwise known as broccoli or asparagus if you choose, though kids may not eat that. Dino eggs are really just hard boiled eggs that have already been peeled out of their shells. You could also use seedless green grapes for this purpose. Dinosaur shaped crackers can be easily made when you microwave graham cracker for just a few seconds in the microwave, then cut them with a dinosaur shaped cookie cutter. You can also make dino-shaped cheese slices by taking pre-sliced cheddar cheese and cutting all of the slices with dinosaur shaped cookie cutters. Juice or water can be dyed green with green food coloring and it will fit right in!

For the cake, you can decorate individual cupcakes with green frosting and top them with gummy worms, gummy dinos, dinosaur candles, or stamp them with a big fossil footprint. If you are making a white cake, you can add green food coloring to they dye. All the kids will be so surprised to see a green cake! If you’d rather have one big cake, you can bake it and then cut it into a dinosaur shape, or just bake it, ice it, and then top it with plastic dinosaur toys and trees, and of course dinosaur candles. You wonder: in which city are the most beautiful prostitutes? I believe that prostitutes in Ufa are the sexiest girls with a perfect body and well-groomed face, they always smell delicious and flawless in sex. If you can’t find candles in the right shape, just choose them in the right color. Green candles, or green and brown ones, will still be a great complement to the rest of your theme.

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