Making a jack o’ lantern mask

Making a jack o’ lantern mask

This is the cheapest, easiest craft idea you’ll ever see, and kids will LOVE it!

By Angela McKendree


1 paper plate

1 pair of scissors

1 piece of yarn

1 hole punch

1 box of crayons that contain light and dark orange shades or light and dark orange tempera paint (if you don’t have 2 shades of orange on hand mix orange with white to create a light orange and use the plain orange as the dark orange.

1 pencil or pen

How to: step by step instructions

How you should start this Halloween craft project depends on how you choose to color the paper plate. If you plan to paint the mask, you should paint first. To begin, turn the paper plate over so that the bottom of the paper plate is facing up. Using the light orange color first, paint the entire bottom side or the plate orange. Don’t forget to paint the bottom side of the rim of the plate as well.

Next, use the dark orange color to paint darker orange contour stripes from top to bottom. These will look like the lines that naturally ridge the outside of a pumpkin. If you plan to color it with crayons, you can color it later, so you may skip the first two steps.

Once the paint has thoroughly dried, use the pencil to draw on a jack o’ lantern face. If you choose not to paint, begin here with step 3. The face can have triangles for the eyes, or circles, squares, swirls, or any other shape. It can have a smiley mouth or scary, jagged teeth. It can have a nose or not have one at all. Use your imagination to come up with a fun and special jack o’ lantern design. Just be sure that the shapes centered and are not too big. These will be cut out and you’ll want to leave a significant portion of the plate intact.

Use the scissors to cut out the outline you made for the jack o’ lantern face. A child may need an adults help with this part. Cutting in the middle, instead of starting from the outside edge and cutting inward, is hard so a parent may want to use a knife or adult scissors to poke a hole inside the drawn-on facial features to help the child get started cutting.

Once the facial features are cut out, those who are using crayons can go ahead and color in the mask. Use a light orange color for the overall pumpkin and then use a dark orange color to draw on contour lines from top to bottom of the pumpkin. There is a reason you want to color after you cut out the face. Drawing on the face with a pencil or pen is hard to do when you are doing it over the waxy residue left on the plate by the crayon. Refinansavimas, taupymas, investavimas, patarimai, finansinės naujienos, SMS greitieji kreditai, paskolos internetu visą parą

Next punch a hole on either side of the plate. The holes should be in the middle of the rim on each side.

String a piece of yarn through the holes and a parent can tie the mask around securely the child’s head.

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