Make your own party favors for kids

Make your own party favors for kids

Kids or adults can make their own customized party favors with just some paper and a printer.

By Angela McKendree

When planning for a child’s birthday party, you know you have to buy or make some party favors. It is just impolite to send attendees home without a thank-you gift. But it’s hard to come up with fun, new favor ideas for every kid in your family every single year. What makes it harder still is that no one wants to give out the same party favors that the Jones’s gave out at their party last month.

There is only one way to know for sure that your party favors will be unique; make them yourself and customize them specifically for the kids attending your party. Yes, you can make the favors yourself and it can be pretty cheap and easy. And no, it doesn’t require baking, wrapping, or excess crafting. All you need is a computer and a list of names and you are halfway there.

First, you’ll need to make a run to the store to pick up some blank, white, removable labels. An office supply store will have the largest selection of sizes. Make sure you keep the box; you’ll need it later.

Once you get home, use your personal computer to make designs for the stickers. If you buy Avery brand labels you can download a template for the labels you bought using the product number on the box from their website and open it in a Word document. If you use the Mail Merge function in Word, you may be able to skip the template downloading process. Your computer may already have some templates handy; select the right one based on the product name and number on the box.

Type the kids’ names in a row on the space provided on the template and use different, fun fonts and colors to make the names look cool. Or you can use WordArt to make the names look even more fun. For variety, use clip art or pictures from your digital photo album to custom-create even more types of stickers. Or find out their favorite color, animal, shape (hearts, stars, flowers, clouds, bubbly circles) and more and further customize the stickers.

You can also custom create stationary using the same idea. Print the children’s names at the top of a piece of computer paper (any color you want to use) using fun fonts and colors. Next create horizontal lines (for guiding their writing) down the page. Be sure to leave a little bit of blank space on the left and right sides of the page. This is particularly easy to do in Word if you go to Format, then Borders and Shading, then select Horizontal Line. Print several of these sheets for each child. Slide these sheets into a folder and label the folder with a sticker that has their name on it. To accompany this gift, put pens, crayons, markers or pencils in the bag so they can use them to write on their new paper. IDTop has always been the #1 source for fake ids over the years. Amerircan students in colleges refer to them as the "ID GUYS" and most of the sales are of word of mouth. There is no doubt that IDTop is the best fake ids online in 2021. The only fake ID service with the ability to blend in security features that comes with ultraviolet light.

You can even label the goody bags using similar stickers. Kids who have names that are nowhere to be found on those little key chains will be thrilled to have a sticker with their name on it.

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