Kid winter snowmen art project

Kid winter snowmen art project

Get easy to follow directions for making this cute kid’s Christmas arts and crafts ideas.

By Angela McKendree

Learn how to make this oh-so-cute winter snowman out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Everything about him is edible once you remove the toothpicks, so the kids can eat them after they are finished admiring them.

While this project only takes a few minute, it is sure to keep children entertained for at least an hour because they will want to make (and eat) more and more.


2 large white marshmallows

Black food coloring

Orange food coloring


Small pinch bowl or other dish

Step- by -step instructions:

1) Stack two large marshmallows on top of each other.

2) They will not stick together without a little bit of assistance, so the toothpicks, which act as the arms, will also act to pin the two marshmallows in place. Stick on toothpick into the marshmallow that is at the top of the stack. Keep in mind that these are his arms, so they need to be at his left and right sides. Push the toothpick down into the marshmallow at the bottom of the stack so that the “arm” is pinning the two pieces of marshmallow together. Repeat this step for the other arm, on the opposite side.

3) Now that the snowman is assembled, you’ll need another toothpick and some food coloring. In case you had not yet guessed this part, the food coloring will be used to paint a little face on the snowman. The toothpick is merely there in place of a paintbrush, chosen because it has a very fine tip and will make painting on the face very clean and easy. To start this process, pour one or two drops of the orange food coloring into a pinch bowl or some other small, shallow dish.

4) Dip one tip of the toothpick “paintbrush” into the orange food coloring and allow it to sit for about one or two seconds so it can soak up a little of the dye. Then, carefully dot on an outline of a carrot nose. It won’t stick out from his face three dimensionally, so just dot a very small, narrow triangle, pointed side down. Then soak up a little more dye if necessary and connect the orange dots into a straight line. Begin painting in the outline, going back and soaking up more dye as necessary. If you need more than you originally poured, simply add more food coloring to the dish and continue.

5) Now it is time to make Frosty’s eyes, nose, mouth and buttons using the black food coloring. Start with about two drops of food coloring poured into the pinch bowl or other dish. Dip the tip of the toothpick (using the opposite end from the one that you used for the orange dye or just use a different one altogether) into the black food coloring and use its fine tip to dot on two eyes. Next dot on a smiling friendly mouth. We won’t be making a little pipe so that’s all there is to making your adorable marshmallow snowman’s face. But he does still need buttons down his front to make it look like he is wearing clothes. Soak up some dye if necessary and dot three of four buttons down the front and center of the lower marshmallow. When this step is complete, your snowman is finished.

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