How to remove crayon from carpet

How to remove crayon from carpet

This article offers five different methods for removing crayon from your carpet, emphasizes the importance of spot-testing and warns against the use of dangerous chemicals.

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By Angela Epps

Removing crayon from your carpet can be tricky. There are different methods that people praise for the cleaning up of your little artist’s overspills but I think that what will work on someone else’s carpet might not work on yours with all of the different textures and colors everyone has. The best advice I can give before utilizing any of these tips is to first spot test them in an area that is hidden before using on an area that others can see. Below is a list of five different ways for you to try when crayon makes its way off the paper and onto your carpet.

1.) The first method that I would try is to gently scrape it up with the edge of a butter knife. This has worked for me on my short-napped carpet and I was able to vacuum up the shavings easily.

2.) If scraping doesn’t work, try covering the area in a plastic bag full of ice to harden the crayon and try using the butter knife again.

3.) There are some that say to use a hair dryer or paper bag and iron to run over the wax, thus being able to lift it up, scrape it up or liquefy it enough to blot it up. I do not know if I would personally recommend this as I would assume that it might spread and set the stain. If you elect to try this, it would be best to ask a professional carpet cleaner for advice.

4.) Using a simple dish soap and water mixture has cleaned up a lot of messes for me in the past on walls and furniture as well as carpets. The important thing to remember on fabric and carpet is to apply the soapy water in a blotting motion. Never rub sideways or in circles, this will only push the stain in deeper.

5.) There are a lot of people that swear by the use of either isopropyl rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda water to remove any color stains left behind. These should be done on a small inconspicuous area first before a larger area of carpet in case of any discoloration. You are supposed to let the stain soak for thirty minutes before trying to blot up with a paper towel. Make sure to rinse the area with clean water and blot up any excess moisture before allowing the area air dry completely.

There are also a variety of on the shelf carpet cleaners available at many of your local stores. There may even be a knowledgeable clerk to help you decide which one would be best. No matter what method you use to try and remove crayon from your carpet, do not under any circumstances, pour dangerous chemicals such as gasoline or lighter fluid on the stain. This does not work and the fumes alone are enough to make you sick, let alone having those poisonous liquids right where your little artists sit to express themselves.

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