How to make quick birthday party hats

How to make quick birthday party hats

Make fun and easy party hats and let the kids pitch in and help. They’ll have fun and actually, you will too.

By Emma Salkill

Party time is so much fun and part of the fun is making birthday hats. Kids can make their own hats with your help and a few craft supplies. Glue sticks, construction paper, safety scissors and decorations mixed with some child-like imagination can make some very impressive birthday hats. Lay newspaper or plastic over the project table to protect it then lay out all the supplies.

Shape a piece of colored construction paper like a cone and glue or tape it in place. Trim the bottom to where it will be even all the way around. Make sure the cone is not too small or too large for the child. Put fringe along the edges of the cone by cutting up about an inch. Hang pom-poms or bells from the fringes.

Start out by making a cone shape from construction paper and trim. Cut the fringe into the edges. Make another cone from a different color, not much smaller than the first. Add fringe and place on top of the first cone. Continue making the cones in different colors, each one just a tad smaller than the previous one. After forming each cone add the fringe, then place it on top of the previous one. Add 6, 8 or more cones. Stop when you have a tiny one on top. Glue on a pom-pom at the top. The hat really looks great if the child puts polka dots on every other cone before cutting the fringe. You can also do this craft with regular part hats by placing a cotton ball inside the second hat before putting on top of the first one. Each time you add an extra hat, add extra cotton to make it stand up slightly higher than the previous one. Įtempiamos lubos Vilniuje Konkurencinga kaina, Montavimas ir priežiūra

A 2lb plastic margarine bowl is a great way to start the next hat. Paint or cover the outside in fabric. Staple two paper plates together and draw the outline of the mouth of the bowl onto the plates. Cut out the hole, only slightly smaller than the drawing. Paint the plates or cut shelf paper out in a large circle to affix to the plates. Now turn the margarine bowl upside down on the paper plates and glue over the opening. Add ribbon, sequin, confetti, pom-poms or buttons to the hat. On top, turn a small paper drinking cup upside down onto the margarine bowl. Glue buttons or adornments all over the cup. Add curly-q’s of colored or tinsel pipe cleaners to the top of the paper cup. Make a similar hat by using a smaller margarine bowl on top rather than the paper drinking cup.

An old bowl and lid that don’t match will make a perfect hat. The lid needs to be one that is too large for the bowl. Cut a hole in the lid, slightly smaller than the opening of the bowl. Glue the bowl, upside down, onto the lid. Paint and decorate with glitter and other embellishments. There are lots of other things you can use to make birthday hats. Anything bowl-shaped or cone-shaped are the best starters then add embellishments to make it look even better.

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