How to Make Flower Baskets Out of Fruit

By W.A. Swan

How to Make Flower Baskets Out of Fruit

Flower fruit baskets are a great way to say thank you or celebrate any occasion, but the price tag on those edible floral creations might shock you. Making fruit arrangements that look like flowers yourself can save you quite a lot of money, and have the added ingredients of your love and patience!

By W.A. Swan

OverviewMaking a flower gift basket out of fruit can be a creative way to express yourself and show someone you truly care about them. While it may sound difficult at first, making a flower basket out of fruit is not hard. Proper planning and a creative nature can go a long way in building a memorable project for both you and the recipient.PreparationStep 1Create your design on paper first. Using fresh fruit to create a design means you are working against time. Knowing what the idea looks like before constructing it helps with speed and efficiency. Make the design with flowers; then replace the flowers with fruit.Step 2Pick out the fresh fruit you will be using. Most designs use a variety of melon, strawberry, various colors of grapes, pineapple, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.Step 3Cut the shapes you want out of the fruit with cookie cutters. You can cut freehand but you have to be precise and have uniformity for the flower basket to work well visually.Step 4This step is optional. Place wax paper on a dish or cookie sheet. Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe dish. After the chocolate is melted, but not boiling, dip the fruit tips in the chocolate. Place the fruit pieces onto the wax paper and put them in the refrigerator to cool.Setting UpStep 1Take the various fruit sections and put them on the skewers. If you are using pineapple petals with melon centers for example, place the skewer through the center of the pineapple and then place the melon ball half on top. Put the skewer into, but not through the melon.Step 2Put the skewers through the chocolate-covered fruit at the uncovered end. Do not let the skewer go all the way through. Set these aside.Step 3For grape designs, put about six on each skewer with all of them touching. Five of the grapes will have the skewer go completely through with the sixth sitting on top of the skewer.Step 4Use the berries as added filler for any of the above fruit. You can use them for flower tops, stem covers to hide the skewers, or as ends to the strawberries or grapes.The BaseStep 1Pick any container that you would normally use for a flower basket. Most baskets are made from wood, ceramic, glass or other sturdy material. Make sure it is large enough for the items you are placing into it. Do not use thin or narrow containers because the fruit will be top heavy.Step 2Place either florist foam–you can find it from old containers or get used pieces from a florist–or play dough to line the bottom. Use the material to stick the skewers in so that the arrangement is stable.Step 3Put the skewers into the foam in a centrifugal pattern, spreading out like a flower bouquet. Use the taller pieces such as the grapes and berries and put the flowers around the edges. Use the parsley to cover up any remaining holes that make the skewers visible.skill2ingredientFresh fruit
• Parsley twigs
• Container to hold the fruit
• Florist foam
• Wood skewer sticks
• Sharp knife
• Cutting board
• Cookie cutter
• Chocolate
• Microwave
• Kitchen scissorsingredientsFresh fruitingredients• Parsley twigsingredients• Container to hold the fruitingredients• Florist foamingredients• Wood skewer sticksingredients• Sharp knifeingredients• Cutting boardingredients• Cookie cutteringredients• Chocolateingredients• Microwaveingredients• Kitchen scissorskeywordflower basket, fruit, making fruit into a flower

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