How to improve your wardrobe by finding a tailor for plus size women

How to improve your wardrobe by finding a tailor for plus size women

Plus-size women of today are looking for great fitting clothes with style. They want to look good whatever size they happen to be. Read on to see how the services of a tailor can be helpful.

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The plus size woman of today has begun to take on a whole new attitude. She no longer wishes to accept the role of the fat, unattractive, matronly woman who wants to draw as little attention as possible. She has finally taken on the attitude that big can be beautiful too. With the change in hair, makeup and personal style, has come the need for changes in plus-size fashions. Who wants to wear big, baggy, unflattering styles that do nothing to enhance those features you consider your assets? A fitted, tailored look can work wonders for any figure. The fuller-figure is no exception.

Merchants and clothing manufactures seem to share the view that anyone who is size 14 and up is considered to be plus size. More and more women in today’s society are falling into this category. However, they are not taking into consideration that large women come in a wide range of shapes and sizes like any other group. No longer is One Size Fits All (and they seldom do) considered a viable option to a large woman. What is now needed, and more often demanded, are neatly tailored dresses, jackets, skirts and pants. Now more retail stores are making tailored fashions available to their plus-sized clientele. Of course, the promise of increased sales volumes and revenue are great motivators. Many sales were previously lost to plus-size catalog orders. Some stores have tailoring services on the premises. For those that do not, it is well worth it to consider finding a personal tailor for those who can afford one. The yellow pages and the Internet have hundreds of listings. You’d be surprised just how many outfits you can put together with a few finely tailored, color coordinated pieces. Add a few nice accessory items, such as, earrings, necklaces, belts, bracelets, etc., and you are on your way.

Find A Reputable Tailor.

Many large department stores have tailoring services on site. However, if not, there is always a chance that they can recommend someone good. Word of mouth is always the best way to go. Still, the yellow pages and Internet have numerous listings. Just be careful in your selection before you spend your money.

Know Your Body’s Assets

If you have a small waist or a large bust that you want to accentuate, speak with your tailor about adjustments that will best show those features. They can also give you tips on styles you should avoid.

Don’t Just Buy Something Because It’s Your Size

Just because you are a size 2X does not mean that every size 2X garment will look good on you. Different manufacturers have their own guidelines. If you are a petite 2X, an average-size or tall 2X is not going to fit you very well. You want garments that will flatter and enhance your appearance. Again, use your tailor’s expertise.

Be Aware Of Colors And Fabrics That Flatter You

Some colors and styling may not be a good choice for you. Certain fabrics may not hang on you properly. Your hair color or skin tones may make some fashions a bad choice. Just remember to take your time, make wise selections; then let the expert do his or her part in making it the best fit for you.

Before You Spend Your Cash

Check the fit. Try the garment on. Move around and look at yourself from every angle in a mirror. Does it move the way you want? Is it comfortable? Can you sit or stand without any pulling or readjusting? Do you look good in it? If your answer is yes, you’re all set.

Using the services of a tailor may not be for everyone. Some women know what they like, and that’s just the way it is. Many others cannot afford the extra money to pay to have alterations done. That’s very understandable. However, it is a good option to keep in mind if you are one of today’s Big Beautiful Plus-Sized Women.

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