How to find plus size formal dresses locally

How to find plus size formal dresses locally

Where to find plus sized formals locally.

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By Alaina Furgerson

How to find plus sized formals locally.

Today in the United States over 50% of the female population is considered Plus Sized. To define plus size is to say these are dresses/clothing sized from 18-20 on up. From here on out these sizes will be referred to as plus sizes. If you wear a 16 or lower you’ll have to go to misses or another area of the store and are not included with in this piece.

To find a formal in Arlington, Texas you can go to a mall. The best mall is The Parks In Arlington and has several stores that either cater to plus sized or have a plus sized area set most times next to the petite section.
First lets touch on the department stores in the mall. The Park’s has J.C. Penneys, Dillards, Foleys, Mervyns and Sears as the main anchor stores. Most of these stores have special departments for Women or Plus sizes and include a few formals year round. During Prom or holiday season you can also find the plus sized formals mixed in with the special formal area too. Don’t forget that J C Penney’s still also has their catalog. It too contains plus sized womans clothing. Check out the special bridal catalog too.
There are also a few other stores in the mall that cater to Plus sizes, these may also carry formals near Prom or holiday season. Presently they are Lane Bryant, A’Gaci Too and Torrid. Occasionally you may find a storefront that “pops” up just for these seasons with formals and they may also carry a few plus sizes (Whatchamacalit is one).
Outside the mall in the surrounding shopping center there can be found a few more stores that have plus sizes. David’s Bridals, Catherines and the Avenue are located here.
A few other stores available in the area are Bridal Mart, Cato, Affair’s of the Heart, Dress Barn for Women, Fashion Bug, and a number of resale shops and boutiques sprinkled around.
Also, the larger Walmart, Target, and Kmart have plus sized/woman’s clothing departments.

In the surrounding cities you can find a few more such as Seventh Avenue Plus size outlet and Plus sizes-plus savings.
Consignment shops are another good place to look. The one good thing about used formals are that they are usually only worn once so they are still in great shape. Don’t forget the thrift stores too. Some people try to sell them at garage sales or in the newspapers too, and if they don’t sell they will drop them off at the nearest thrift store etc.
There is also local flea markets and the occasional bridal convention to attend at the local hotels.

Just don’t forget to peek through your local newspaper, phone book, or online search engine to find what you’re looking for. Just look up under Plus sized, womans, or formals and call first so as you don’t have to make the trip for nothing.
The best time to buy one is at the end of the holiday season, usually around January/February or June/July after Prom season. These times you can get a fabulous dress for half or less, get it fitted, cleaned and all accessories to match in time for that big day/night.

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