How to decide if bangs are right for you

How to decide if bangs are right for you

If you’re thinking of getting a new hair style that includes bangs make sure the look is right for you or you could regret it.

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By Emma Salkill

Deciding on different hairstyles is sometimes risky. Once the hair is cut it takes quite some time to grow it back. There are sometimes methods to use for deciding if a certain hairdo is right for you before actually having the hair cut in that manner.

Bangs have never really gone out of style they’ve just changed somewhat over the years. In days gone by women rolled the bangs under to give them curl. In later years the bangs were cut severely across the front. During other eras bangs were fluffed, feathered and even allowed to hang in the eyes. Choosing a bangs style is the easy part but deciding if bangs are right for you is a little more challenging. Bangs can give a totally different appearance to most any face. And once they’re cut it’s hard to do anything else with them if you don’t like the look.

There are software programs that allow you to put in a picture of yourself then see how you will look with different hairstyles. The programs give you a general idea of how bangs will look for your particular shape of face. Trying on wigs can also give you some idea if the look is right for you.

There are different factors in deciding if bangs would look good. The shape of the face is one. If the face is fairly round bangs cut straight across can make the face look even wider. Bangs which are cut across the front then left to hang a little longer at the sides are somewhat more appropriate for a round face.

Heart shaped faces look cute with bangs. Have them cut to just about eyebrow level. Bangs can make a person look a little younger, too.

If your face is somewhat long bangs can take away some from the length. The bangs should be cut fairly long and straight or arced only slightly. Bangs which are left longer on the sides aren’t appropriate for those who have a long, narrow face. The longer bangs make it seem like the face is even longer.

If your face is sort of squat from forehead to chin opt away from bangs. Bangs will give the appearance of an even shorter face. If you do have a squat face and you insist on bangs cut them pretty short to add more length to the facial appearance.

If you have childhood scars in the forehead region bangs might be a good idea. Bangs can cover not only blemishes of the skin but uneven hairlines as well. Some women are born with a widow’s peak hairline and don’t care for that look. Wearing bangs will eliminate the concern.

Having bangs cut in a long fashion makes it a little easier to wear them or not. Use a headband or clips to hold them out of your way on days that you prefer no bangs.

Try on wigs or go online first to see how the bangs will make you look. Try different lengths and cuts of bangs before making a final decision.

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