How to care for hair after a perm

How to care for hair after a perm

How to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy after a perm. Keep your hair curly or wavy, not frizzy.

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By Melissa Viale

Keeping your hair healthy after a perm is easier than you might think. Are you afraid of losing those beautiful curls by using conditioners and styling products on your hair? Well don’t be. With this “How To” you will learn how to keep your hair healthy after getting a perm without loosing those curls and keep a bounce in your step. Let’s get started.

The first rule of after care when getting a perm is not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours. This is very important because your hair is very fragile and it also needs time to adjust to the chemicals. You can wet it but do not wash it for 24 hours.

When the 24-hour wait time is up and you are ready to wash your hair use a shampoo for chemically treated hair. These shampoos are specially made for hair that has been treated with chemicals. All other shampoos have ingredients that are too harsh on your fragile hair. Chemically treated shampoos are made with more gentle ingredients. They will cleanse your hair without drying it out.

After shampooing your hair it is essential that you condition it. It is a myth that conditioner will relax and ruin your perm. By using the right conditioner on your hair will only keep the perm healthier, thus lasting longer. Choose a light conditioner for your hair that is also for chemically treated hair. Only use a nickel to a quarter size after shampooing, then rinse. It won’t weigh your hair down if used correctly. Conditioner not only closes the hair cuticle (meaning, it protects your hair from the environment and locks in the curl) but it also serves as a detangler. You don’t want to pull to hard on your permed hair when combing it out. This can cause frizzy ends and breakage. So, a detangler is always best.

After shampooing and conditioning gently towel dry your hair. Do not rub it around too much in the towel. This will cause your hair to be matted and hard to comb. You can spray on an instant detangler if you feel you need it even after conditioning. Detanglers are very light and will not weigh down the hair. In fact, they are filled with nutrients and are a great-added bonus to chemically treated hair. Think of an instant detangler as a vitamin for your hair. After getting a perm your hair could use the extra boost. Next, use a wide tooth comb to get through the hair. Now we are ready to style.

Some people like the wet look with a perm and some people like to blow dry a perm. Whatever your preference is keep in mind that some styling products contain a lot of alcohol witch will dry your hair out. Choose a glaze or a gel vs. a mousse (unless it says alochol- free). Glazes and gels contain less alcohol and are better for your hair. Be careful when blow-drying your perm that you don’t over dry your hair. Only blow -dry your hair 85 to 90 percent dry. This prevents frizz and split ends.

The last thing to know about caring for your perm is to get a haircut! This means in 4-6 weeks you will need a trim. Not only does this keep your hair healthy but it also will spring up those beautiful curls! Don’t think that if you wait to get a haircut it will keep your perm in longer or if you get it cut too soon the perm will not last as long. This is incorrect ladies! If you get it cut in 4-6 weeks like stated above you will spring up the curls more and the perm will last longer. Sweetie massage chick getting fucked Horny Alexis Ford is into hardcore buggering Stepteen Anya Olsen licks stepmom Reagan Darling is tempting fellow with her tits Roxy Raye stretches her anus with a metal speculum and receives an anal reaming Kinky whore Melany loves big stuff in her pussy Cute and Tiny Blonde Halle nugget porn Whore wife Jodi West getting fucked by next door guy Ralph Long Chick receives both of her lusty fuck holes fucked Frisky blonde Kayla Green felt hard cock in her tight ass hole Independence fuck with freedom babe Phoenix Marie Playful bitches Rowan and Lorna try their new toys If you wait too long your hair will become damaged and your hairdresser will end up having to cut more than you would like and your perm will be out before you know it. So keep that hair trimmed!

Getting a perm can be a lot of fun. It gives your hair a lot of versatility and style. Just follow these simple steps and you can keep your hair healthy and curly for a long time.

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