How to buy cheap flowers for wedding centerpieces

How to buy cheap flowers for wedding centerpieces

What are some ways to find cheaper flowers and other ways to cut down the flower budget.

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By Kimberly Huth

Having a beautiful wedding on a tight budget can be difficult for a couple to accomplish. They may have big expectations to how the day should be and what everything should look like, but when it comes to the money, they have to make some cuts. But just because the couple doesn’t have the money that they need doesn’t mean that they can’t have the wedding of their dreams. There are cheaper alternatives to buying flowers for wedding decorations.

For starters, buying silk flowers rather than real flowers will save you quite a bit of money. This is especially true if you plan to use flowers that aren’t in season. Real flowers that are out of season will cost a lot more than normal. With silk flowers, you can be assured that you can use any type of flower that you want without worrying about whether or not it is in season.

If you absolutely must use real flowers for whatever reason, purchasing them from a local grocery store or wholesale store such as Sam’s Club is a great option. These places usually get a discount on flowers to begin with and if you are ordering a large quantity, they will be fairly flexible with passing the savings along to you. This option is great for the do it yourself brides who will be arranging the flowers themselves.

When going with silk flowers, finding a wholesaler in your area is probably the best option. Some of these places will require the purchaser to have a seller’s permit in order to make purchases. If you know someone with a seller’s permit and they are willing to go along with you, these places are probably the cheapest alternative. They will generally carry flowers associated with the specific upcoming season, but will also carry limited amounts of other flowers as well.

Buying direct from companies is also a great way to get flowers for a lower price. Some companies will not deal directly with consumers, but some will. You simply need to do a little research. If you can find a company that is willing to ship the flowers directly to you and cut out the middle man, your overall price will likely be cheaper even though you will be paying shipping. You won’t have to deal with the mark up that a retailer might have.

If you are not handy with making floral arrangements, find someone that you know that is. They don’t have to be a professional or even to have done it before, but if you can find someone who has an eye for colors and who would enjoy doing the work for you, that will also save you some money. Read interesting material from our partners on the link And chances are, no one will know the difference.

So whether you have a budget of $100 for flowers or $1000, there are ways to cut down without making things look like it. Shop around for silk flowers that look the most real and if you really strongly desire the real thing, check out grocery stores and retail stores to see who can get you the best deal. Silk flowers will also give you a wider variety of flowers to choose from without breaking the bank.

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