Home Remedy for Cat Diarrhea

Home Remedy for Cat Diarrhea

When your cat has diarrhea, it can be a scary and frustrating time for all involved. Trying to determine the cause of the cat’s illness while trying to make him well can feel overwhelming, but being prepared for this situation will help you deal with it calmly and quickly before your cat is dehydrated.

By Melinda Dean

OverviewDiarrhea in cats often isn’t serious and can be treated with home remedies. Common causes of feline diarrhea are rich food, lactose intolerance, unclean water, or a change in environment, such as a new house, pet or family member.WarningSevere diarrhea can quickly cause dehydration. It can also be a sign of more serious illness. If a cat doesn’t rapidly respond to home remedies, or if it is lethargic or refusing to eat, it should be taken to a veterinarian. Kittens between four and 12 weeks with diarrhea should be taken to a vet immediately, especially if there is blood or mucus present.AllergiesCorn is a common cat allergy. Check the ingredients of a cat’s food for corn if the cat is experiencing diarrhea.FeedingIf the cat’s food has recently been changed, consider going back to the old food. Feed a cat with bland food, such as white-meat poultry or fish. Meat-based baby food (without garlic or onion) and a tablespoon of infant rice cereal is also an option. The cat should eat four to five small meals a day, and should only be given half of the usual amount of food per day than it usually eats.EnergyA little pancake syrup on the gums can give a cat who is weak from diarrhea a burst of energy.DehydrationGive the cat unflavored Pedialyte to counteract dehydration, and remember to consult a vet if the diarrhea doesn’t clear up quickly.Beneficial BacteriaDiarrhea can kill off the beneficial bacteria a cat’s system needs to function properly. To replace this good bacteria, feed the can plain low- or non-fat yogurt. Don’t give a cat with diarrhea milk. Milk and dairy products other than yogurt can actually cause diarrhea.ResourcesreferenceCat Care GuidereferenceRaising WhiskersresourceCat Care

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