High school football tackling drills

High school football tackling drills

tips on how to tackle in drills in high school

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By george chavez

The first tip of high school tackling drills is to remember to be safe. It is important to reinforce the use of correct technique. This cannot be stressed enough. It is of great import that technique be taught and practiced practiced practiced. If done correctly good tackling is taught and serious injuries can be avoided.

The general rules about tackling someone are few and fundamental. Hit your opponent first. Hit him harder than he hits you. Always, always stay LOWER than your opponent. If all these are adhered to then successful tackling can be taught in high school tackling drills.

Hitting your opponent first is important because it enables you to strike the first blow even if it is a mere second before he hits you. The first blow no matter if it is crushing or a glancing blow will cause your opponent to be off balance, even just a little bit. If the other man is off balance then you have him at your advantage. You can drive him backwards. Or you can turn his block. You can defeat him.

If you can not hit him first then hit him harder than he hits you. If this can be done before he can commit his block on you then you can drive him to the ground or use what is called a forearm hand shiver to raise him up higher than you so you can get under him and control him. If you can do this you can defeat him every time.

Staying lower than your opponent can not be stressed enough. If your opponent gets his shoulder into you and lifts you up he is in control. If you stay low you control the line of scrimmage. To stay low, to root around even is the hallmark of a good defensive player. If you can stay lower than your opponent you can defeat him.

All of the above pertains to every defensive man whether he be a defensive safety or a middle linebacker the rules all apply when someone is trying to block you.

In order to tackle correctly you must keep your hips low, square your body and hit your opponent as low as possible. Do not use your head to hit anyone. Besides being incredibly dangerous this is also illegal and could cost your team plenty in penalties. Besides it is poor sportsmanship to use your head. Use your shoulder instead. Drive your shoulder into him while at the same time wrapping your mrs around him. Do not forget to wrap him up. It does no good to just hit someone if you do not tackle him. In minutes, you can play slots online in India listed on this website . Those slot sites provide generous bonuses to get you started with hundreds of slot machines and progressives from leading providers. Continue reading to learn about the finest Indian online slot games and important tips for playing real money online slots.
In practice drills have two men oppose you. Have one man try to block you and the other run with the football. Fight through the blocker and try to make a good tackle using good technique. These drills can be done at half speed to avoid unnecessary injury.

Another drill is to practice tackling drills on receivers who have caught the ball. Sometimes tackles are made at weird angles. It is almost like ballet. Learn to adjust to a fluid game. Hit things in practice that are moving.

It is a good drill to hit tackling dummies in high school. This gets the players used to hitting. It is also a good place to teach proper tackling technique.

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