Healthy Eating Shopping List

Healthy Eating Shopping List

When trying to change your eating habits, It’s helpful to start with a list of healthy foods to eat. Before you head to the grocery store, take stock of these beneficial foods that will keep your body healthy.

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By Jacy Chance

What To Look ForEating healthy means following a few basic rules and paying attention to food labels and ingredient lists. In general, buy foods made from whole wheat and whole grains, and if you want to eat organic, look for the USDA Certified Organic symbol on foods. Opt for lean white meats such as fish and chicken, and if you are a red meat lover choose lean cuts of beef or pork. Stock up on fruits and vegetables, choosing as many kinds and colors as you can, as each color fruit or vegetable provides different nutrients.Common PitfallsAvoid foods that are made with trans fats, most commonly found in cookies and baked goods, and try to skip foods with more than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving. In addition, avoid high fructose corn syrup, which is found in many juice drinks and some condiments, because it is particularly hard for the body to digest.Where To BuyShop at quality organic and natural food stores such as Jimbo’s, Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s, and don’t forget to check out the grocery shopping guides at the end of this piece.CostMost health, natural and organic food stores cost more than regular grocery stores, but their products offer more nutritional and health benefits, so you may find the trade-off to be worthwhile.ResourcesreferenceBelly Bytes

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