Guide to budget skin products

Guide to budget skin products

Heading to the nearest drugstore may be your best bet for finding for budget skin care products.

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By Heleigh Bostwick

Buying skin care products at the cosmetic counter of the department store can be an expensive prospect. Perhaps you just graduated from college or are a single parent struggling to make ends meet. Maybe you’re thrifty and want to spend your hard earned money on something other than skin care products that carry a fancy price tag.

No matter what the reason, heading to the nearest drugstore may be your best bet for finding budget skin care products. If you know what to look for, skin care products sold at the drugstore in many cases work just as well–without the fancy name and corresponding price tag. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to budget skin care products.

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – 16 fluid ounces (473 ml).

Cetaphil does not contain any soap or detergents and is ideal for sensitive skin. Recommended by dermatologists, it is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and economical—a little goes a long way. Available at most drugstores for about $10.

2. Totally Juicy Apricot Pore Scrub – 6 fluid ounces (150 ml).

This delicious smelling face scrub uses cornmeal and fruit extracts to exfoliate without irritating skin. To use, massage the scrub into skin with a circular motion, avoiding the eye region and rinse thoroughly. Sold in drugstores for about $4

3. Queen Helene Masque, Mud Pack – 8-ounces (227 g).

The Queen Helene Masque Mud Pack is made with two types of English clay, kaolin and bentonite. This masque cleanses pores, increases blood circulation, and temporarily boosts tired skin. To use, simply cleanse face and neck, pat dry and then apply the masque. When the masque is dry (about 15 minutes), remove using a washcloth and rinse with cool water. Sold in drugstores for $3.

4. Dickinson’s Astringent Cleanser Pads with Aloe – Box of 50.

These convenient ready to use astringent pads are saturated with witch hazel and aloe vera extracts, which temporarily tighten skin without drying it out. Available at drugstores for about $3.

5. St. Ives Hypo-Allergenic Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer – 4 ounces (113 g).

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of the two, this fragrance and oil-free moisturizer will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Made with botanical ingredients including cornflower extract, it also contains urea, which hydrates the skin. Sells for $3 in most drugstores.

6. Australian Organics Exfoliating Body Wash with Jojoba Oil – 8.75 fl oz (250 ml).

Made with peppermint, lemon, and rosemary essential oils to cleanse skin and finely crushed walnut shells to exfoliate it. A touch of jojoba oil leaves your skin silky smooth. Sells for about $5 at the drugstore.

7. Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief Moisturizer with Pump Top – 15 fl oz (443 ml).

Made with aloe vera and cucumber extracts to soothe and relieve dry skin caused by exposure to the elements. Sells for $5 in the drugstore.

8. Jean Nate After Bath Splash Mist, Original 8 fl oz (236 ml).

Jean Nate is a classic that has been around for decades. Smelling of citrus, this body splash mist contains aloe vera extract and is refreshing at any time of the day. Sold in drugstores for $7.

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