Great Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

By Kristen N. Bailey

Great Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Cheap birthday gift ideas are easy to find, but which ones are right for you? Taking a little time to think about the recipient can help narrow down the choices and help you choose the best birthday gift for anyone.

By Kristen N. Bailey

OverviewMany women love glitter and gold, but they don’t need an expensive gift to love it. Sometimes a gift is much more special if thought and care went into choosing it. You can make any gift special by writing a heartfelt message on the card.Gift BasketsThese don’t have to cost a lot if you put them together yourself. Try buying a wine gift bag, available at most gift shops or grocery stores in the wine section. Add a low-cost but good wine, a bag of chocolates and a card.Java MoneyMost women will love gift certificates to a local coffee shop. Even $20 is a great gift and works for co-workers or casual friends.Love PoemsDon’t worry if you’re not a poet–you can hire a writer from a freelance site to write a 20-line poem.Luxury BathYou can run a hot bath, scatter rose petals and light candles. Women also love a basket full of bath products such as scented soaps, body scrubs and bath crystals.PersonalizeOrder a picture on a mug. This works for girlfriends, wives, mothers, mother-in-laws or other family members.ResourcesreferenceInexpensive Romantic Birthday IdeasreferenceCreative Birthday Gift Ideas

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