Fall crafts for children: balloon ghosts

Fall crafts for children: balloon ghosts

Kids will have tons of fun making these spooky Halloween ghosts!

By Angela McKendree

This Halloween craft project is great! It is easy enough for kids to do all by themselves and the ghosts it makes are so adorable. The hidden bell tied around the bottom will jingle from time to time and give off a mysteriously eerie sound. These ghosts are perfect decorations to be hung outside to scare trick-or-treaters and they make great party decorations too!


White balloons, 1 per ghost

White plastic grocery sacks, 2 per balloon

Clear tape

Black marker


White string

Small jingle bells


If you plan to make several of these ghosts, start collecting the white plastic grocery bags ahead of time.

To make the ghosts float to the ceiling instead of bouncing around on the floor, consider renting a helium machine. If that would be too expensive, you can have the white balloons blown up at a party store and then you can take them home and begin making the “skirts” for the ghosts from there. If you choose to do this, make sure that your ghosts have strings tied to them that are long enough so that someone can get them down from the ceiling, unless you are content to wait for them to fall on their own. Or you can tie them around a piece of furniture or something heavy and anchor them in place. Kiedy gracz wypróbował już setki różnych darmowych automatów online, poznał zasady ich pracy oraz funkcje, prawdopodobnie jest to dobry moment, aby przejść dalej i grać na automatach na prawdziwe pieniądze. Oczywiście jest to poważna decyzja, ale kiedy masz wszystkie niezbędne informacje , doświadczenia i znasz wszystkie niuanse związane z grą online, możesz łatwo spróbować szczęścia w trybie pieniężnym.

How to: step by step instructions

Begin by making the ghost skirts. Gather up all of your white grocery bags and a pair of scissors. Cut off the handles on the grocery bags. If the bags have logos or other kinds of markings on them, carefully cut those off, too, being sure to leave as much of the bag intact as possible.

When that is done, lay the bag flat and, from the open side up to within about 2 inches of the seam, cut the bag into one-inch strips. Do not cut through the seam; it must be left intact. Repeat these exact same steps with the second bag.

Take the white balloon and blow it up. If you had yours blown up with a helium machine, skip this step.

Tape the 2 inch seam of the bag on one side of the bottom of the balloon and do the same on the other side with the second bag. You should have encircled the entire bottom of the balloon in the grocery bags, creating a white, fringed skirt for the balloon ghost.

Now cut a length of sting that is slightly shorter than the ghost’s skirt.

String it through one or two jingle bells.

Tie the string with jungles bells on it to the bottom of the balloon, around the twisted off opening. Let the string hand down and make sure it is not longer than the skirts. If it is, unite it, cut off a little bit of the string, and re-tie it. You don’t want the bells to show.

Next, color big oval eyes and a mouth on the front of the white balloon with the black marker. Now that your ghost has a face he is finished!

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