Does your hair look better short or long?

Does your hair look better short or long?

This article discusses how a woman can determine whether her hair will look better short or long.

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By Amy Pollick

Women, young and old, are forever changing hairstyles. They grow out their hair, then cut it. They grow their layers out, then have them cut back into the hair. Some women are also uncertain whether they look best in long or short hair.

One of the major factors that help a woman to determine whether her hair looks best short or long is the shape of her face. A woman with a round face will need to carefully consider short hair. In this case, if the woman really wants short hair, it will need to be cut in a fashion that comes away from her face. A Dutch boy style that curves at her chin line will only emphasize the roundness of her face, and will make it look chubby. A round face needs length, so shoulder-length hair is often the best choice for a round face.

Oval faces look good with any hairstyle. Women with an oval face can usually wear whatever length they like. They do not have to worry about any particular style making their faces look too round, or too square. It is an ideal face type for any hairstyle desired.

Women with square faces may want to opt for a short hairstyle. A Dutch boy may look very nice on this face type, since the curling at the chin may give the face a softer look. However, this cut may also emphasize the square jaw, so it should be chosen with care. A very short look will usually be great for a woman with a square face, and will flatter its structure.

Another determining factor in the short/long debate is type of hair. Women with thick hair will usually want to stick with short to medium lengths, simply because the weight of their hair may cause headaches as it gets longer. Women with thick hair can also have highly structured hairstyles, since their hair is strong enough to withstand the rigors of styling products and frequent combing and brushing.

Women with thin, fine hair may go with longer hair, simply because they need a longer style to create the illusion of fullness. Short styles may be fine for thin hair, but a woman needs to be careful that her style does not require a great deal of styling work, since this will stress her hair, and could cause damage if she has to use harsh styling products. Thin hair also tends to be fussy, sensitive hair, so extra TLC is a must for to keep the hair healthy.
Of course, the one advantage of a longer style is that a woman does have the option of putting it up, or back in a ponytail, which does give the woman some versatility and options for different looks. With short hair, there is very little a woman can do to change the look for a day or night event, unless her stylist gives her some ideas when he or she cuts the hair.

In fact, a woman probably needs to consult her stylist about the long/short question. A good stylist will be honest and will ask a woman how much care she is willing to invest in her hair. The stylist will also be familiar with the woman’s hair and can advise her on which styles will look best for her face and hair type. If a woman cooperates with her stylist and will depend on that honesty, she will come out with a great hairstyle, whether it ends up short or long.

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