Diy: making a coffee bean scented candle

Diy: making a coffee bean scented candle

Follow these easy instructions and make a unique coffee bean scented candle using paraffin wax, coffee beans, and a votive cup.

Photo Credit: Kevin Herrin
By Kimberly Good

Imagine the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, and the warm glow of a beautiful handcrafted candle embedded with genuine coffee beans. A fragrant coffee bean candle will enable you to enjoy the scent of a delicious hot cup of coffee every time you light the votive encircled within. Coffee bean candles are usually quite expensive, but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost of the store-bought variety.

To make a scented coffee bean candle you will need a large symmetrical metal candle mold with a core insert, candle mold sealer, a large container for cooling the hot candle, a double-boiler, and a thermometer. You will also need one cup of whole coffee beans, four pounds of high melting point paraffin wax, a metal measuring cup, a metal skewer, a griddle, three teaspoons of clear additive, a small piece of pantyhose, and one ounce of coffee scented candle oil. Make sure the mold you choose has a center core large enough to accommodate a glass votive cup.

This candle does not require a wick. A votive cup placed in the center of the symmetrical wax form will illuminate the wax and the coffee beans embedded inside. The candle scent will be released by the warmth of the votive cup. Since the coffee bean candle is never actually lit, with proper care it will last for many years.

Begin by covering the wick hole in the mold with mold sealer, and place the core insert in the center. After centering the core insert, carefully pour the coffee beans into the mold. Use your fingers to level the beans and arrange them if necessary.

Melt the paraffin wax in a double-boiler on the stove. Place a thermometer in the pan, and heat the wax until it reaches a temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. In a separate pan, melt ½ teaspoon of clear additive using direct heat, and stir it into the melted wax. Blend the clear additive with the wax until they are thoroughly and completely combined. Blend in coffee-scented candle oil if desired.

Make sure the mold and center insert are positioned properly, and pour the wax when it drops to a temperature of approximately 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t be concerned if the wax oozes past the bottom of the center insert. It can easily be poured back into the double-boiler after the center insert has been removed. Play at the best casinos online in Canada at and participate in the top web based betting games. Access free from even a hint of harm destinations that convey genuine cash betting, rewarding rewards, many games, and that’s just the beginning. The wealth of online club in Canada presents both open door and misfortune. We’ve recognized a few standards to assist you with keeping away from the last option, and we urge players to reference our agenda prior to joining a casinos online.

Right after pouring the wax, tap the sides of the mold all the way around to help remove air bubbles. Immediately after doing so, place the mold into a pan of cold water. Allow the wax to harden for a few minutes. When the wax begins forming a skin on top, remove the candle from the cold water, and slowly and carefully remove the center insert. Timing is crucial when removing the insert since waiting too long can cause breakage. It will take a few hours to complete the cooling process. After the candle is completely cool, you’ll be able to easily remove it from the mold.

To level and smooth the top and bottom of the candle, place one end on a hot griddle for a few seconds. Carefully but rapidly rotate the candle to level it off. Turn the candle over and repeat this process to level and smooth the other end. Place a small piece of pantyhose over your finger and lightly smooth and polish the top of the candle.

To illuminate the coffee bean candle, set a clear glass votive cup inside the center. Choose a scent that will enhance or compliment the fragrance of the coffee bean scented oil. Try either vanilla, hazelnut, banana bread, cake, or any other delicious scent that goes well with the fragrance of coffee. Trim the wick so the length is approximately 1/4 inch before lighting.

This candle would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves the scent of a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. Present the candle in a beautiful gift bag along with a novelty mug and a package of gourmet instant coffee. Consider including a small loaf of nut bread, cookies, or some other tasty treat. The recipient is sure to love this unique and thoughtful gift.

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