Decorating a Car for a Wedding

By PokerPlayingDad Lewis

Decorating a Car for a Wedding

By PokerPlayingDad Lewis

There are many traditions associated with a wedding, and one of them includes decorating the bride and groom’s car at the wedding reception. This is done to draw attention to the fact that the couple was just married. Decorating the married couple’s car can be done with taste and tact to avoid damaging their car and avoid putting their safety at risk when driving home from the wedding reception.Decorating the recommends two different writing tools for decorating the windows on your vehicle: window markers or liquid chalk. Both of these items can be removed from your windows using soap and water or driving your car through a car wash. Do not use shoe polish, as this could be difficult to remove from the windows and damage the paint of your vehicle. Popular sayings that recommends include the simple phrases of “Just Married” or “Honk, we’re just married.”Exterior DecorationsInstead of drawing on the windows of the vehicle, recommends purchasing vinyl window clings that attach to the windows and can be peeled off without sticking. These can come in shapes such as hearts or wedding bells and you can add sayings to them using vinyl lettering. Cutting out a cardboard shape and attaching it to the front or side of the vehicle is also recommended. To draw more attention to the married couple’s car, add streamers to the antenna and tie empty cans to the back of the vehicle using plastic tape.Do It YourselfTraditionally the best man and other members of the wedding party along with friends decorated the bride and groom’s car during the wedding reception. suggests for the bride and groom to decorate their car themselves. This can allow the married couple to use the decoration as a celebration of their wedding day instead of a possible form of embarrassment when they go out to it after the wedding reception. By decorating the car themselves, the bride and groom can ensure that supplies are used that are easily cleaned after the wedding day and that they can personalize it with sayings they choose themselves.Things Not To DoDo not decorate the car’s window so heavily that the driver’s view out of the window is obstructed, as this is a safety hazard. Decorating a car with items such as confetti or glitter inside the car might seem to be funny, but it can take weeks or more to get all of those little pieces out of a car.ResourcesreferenceGroomgrove.comreferenceCars For Girls

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