College Graduation Gift Ideas

By Greyson Ferguson

College graduation: gift ideas for the grad

Helpful gift ideas for the recent college grad.

By Greyson Ferguson

It’s college graduation time, and you have no idea what kind of gift to give to the graduate. Since the best gifts are geared toward the personality and needs of the individual, it’s best to take an inventory of his or her hobbies and interests when choosing a gift. Personal circumstances should also come into the picture, such as their living arrangements and whether or not they’ve already obtained a position in their field. There are lots of things to consider before committing to a particular gift. Here are some suggestions that you may find helpful.

If you’re interested in giving an early graduation gift, consider purchasing a college ring for the graduate. This will be a cherished keepsake and can be handed down to future generations after it’s been enjoyed by the man or woman who worked so hard to earn such a ring. The most thoughtful gesture would be to allow the graduate to pick the ring of his or her choice – along with any special features that they’d like to include – and then offer a monetary gift which is intended to cover the price of the ring.

Now that the young man or woman in your life is graduating from college and preparing to go into the business world, a leather portfolio would be the perfect gift. It’s not only a practical carrying case, but it underscores the image of professionalism. These attractive cases come in a variety of shades and styles. For a bit more flair, order one with a gold monogram.

For grads that already possess a portfolio, consider purchasing a leather bound date book and/or journal. If possible, match the item(s) to their case so that they have a complete set. They’ll make a very favorable impression on prospective employers when they present themselves as individuals who are totally prepared and completely professional.

A professional pen and pencil set would be an appropriate gift for anyone who’s just starting off in their career. Most jewelers offer sets such as these, and are also equipped to engrave the items with the name or initials of the graduate. There are several varieties to choose from – some even have diamond chips in them, for those who have a less restrictive budget.

If your graduate has already secured a position in his or her field of study, an engraved business card case would be an ideal gift. Some styles include areas for credit cards and a driver’s license, as well as standard business cards. Whether you choose a case in sterling silver, gold or stainless steel, this is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, and will certainly come in handy from the very first day on the job.

Most professionals have need of a laptop. If the college graduate for whom you’re buying a gift doesn’t already possess one, this would be an outstanding way to congratulate them and welcome them into their new phase of life. Being both practical and necessary, this type of gift is a true investment in the future of their career. Since this type of gift can be pricey, you would also be helping the new businessperson from an economic perspective.

Since many graduates either have a position lined up for after graduation, or will need to travel in order to attend interviews with promising firms, an attractive set of sturdy luggage would make a very thoughtful gift. You have lots of choices when purchasing this type of gift: color, material and number of pieces. If you’re not prepared to buy a full set, consider a suitcase, carry-on and garment bag. This will allow the young man or woman to be amply prepared for either an overnight excursion or a series of interviews that are spread among several days.

A high quality timepiece is a generous gift for any graduate – especially if it includes an engraved message. Jewelers have a large number of stunning watches in a variety of metals and styles. For men, consider a pocket watch. This style of timepiece will accessorize his outfit as well as serve its more practical purpose.

An Italian leather wallet (for men) or handbag (for women) will add to the professional look of the grad as he or she goes into the business world. Whether the interview process is just beginning, or the proud graduate has already obtained a position, he or she will make a striking figure when they accessorize with Italian leather.

After many years of hard work and study, most graduates are ready for a vacation. If there are no immediate plans to begin a new job, consider financing a vacation of their choosing. This will serve as an ample reward for their success, as well as provide them with some much needed rest and recreation. Your grad will be truly grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift.

For more gift ideas or information, contact a jeweler or gift consultant in your area. The best gifts are generally received from those who watch and listen to the person for whom the item is intended, since information is the best indicator for what a graduate truly needs or desires.

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