Buying mattresses used

Buying mattresses used

How to buy a used mattress.

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By Beth Ward

The quality of your mattress may determine the quality of sleep you get, and the quality of your sleep may determine the quality your health and well-being, so mattress shopping should be taken very seriously.

Should I Buy a Used Mattress?
It is possible to buy a good quality used or rebuilt mattress at a greatly reduced shop – saving both your back and your money. However, you want to be very careful when shopping for a used mattress. You especially want to be sure you do not buy a used or rebuilt mattress thinking it is new.

What is a Rebuilt Mattress?
Rebuilt mattresses are mattresses that have either been filled with recycled materials or have been recovered or have received a new frame. Any part of the mattress may be new or used and made from many different types of materials. Laws state that rebuilt mattresses must be presented as such.

Some states like California have special laws that protect consumers. A soiled or parasite ridden mattress can be a dangerous health hazard – so do your homework.

Sanitation Concerns
Some states will require that rebuilt mattresses carry special tags and that used mattresses and the materials used in rebuilt mattress undergo stringent disinfecting procedures involving either heat or chemicals. In California state consumer laws require rebuilt mattresses to feature two tags – one red and the other yellow. The red tag describes the materials used for filling in the rebuilt mattress and the yellow tag ensures that sanitation procedures have been followed and identify the method used – either heat or chemical.

In California, state law also mandates that all mattresses, new or used, be flame retardant and meet flammability regulations.

If you do decide to buy a used mattress, you best protection is to cover it in plastic to prevent any dirt or parasites from coming in contact with your body.

That said, many very clean and sanitary people donate good quality mattresses to thrift stores and charities everyday. And if a brand new mattress isn’t in your budget, this may be a very good option for you.

Try Before You Buy
Don’t be afraid to ask to examine mattresses well and even try them out if you are shopping at a thrift store or used furniture store. Remember everyone needs a good night’s sleep, so don’t let your budget keep you from it. You can find a clean, quality used mattress if you do your homework. If you have a complaint about a used or rebuilt mattress you have bought, you should contact your local Department of Consumer Affairs.

Sleep is very important for your health, and a good mattress might be the difference between a restless night and a restful restorative sleep. If you have back pain or problems, a good mattress is even more important.

What is a good mattress?
A good mattress doesn’t have to cost thousands and the same mattress isn’t the best for everyone. A good mattress for you means the right size, firmness, and price to fit your needs.

Note: If at all possible, you should never buy or accept a used crib mattress for your newborn infant.

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