Brewing Methods for Making Low Acid Coffee

By derbyka Mammadov

Brewing Methods for Making Low Acid Coffee

If you seek out low alkaline foods, chances are you prefer low acid coffee. Brewing low acid coffee is something you can do yourself that will improve your health and happiness!
By derbyka Mammadov

OverviewWhile some people associate the word “acidic” with a highly flavored coffee, for others, it means indigestion and heartburn. Indeed, negative reactions to the acidity have long forced coffee lovers to forgo their favorite drink. Yet, special beans and brewing methods now make it possible to enjoy a cup of low-acid coffee.Neutralized BeansWhen brewing low-acid coffee, it is important to pick low-acid beans. In some cases, a neutralizer is added to the beans to decrease the acid. Unfortunately, this neutralizer can also decrease the flavor of the finished coffee.Low-Acid BeansAlthough they are more expensive, these low-acid beans are roasted differently so that they don’t produce negative reactions in 90 percent of people, and they still maintain their excellent flavor. Often, the beans have been “purified” using high-pressure steam and a vacuum.Dark RoastsIf low-acid beans are too expensive or unavailable, a dark roast of regular coffee can be used to make a less-acidic drink because the beans spent more time in the roasting process. However, dark roasts can have a bitter taste to them and are not appealing to everybody.Cold BrewingDiscovered about 40 years ago, cold-brewing techniques can be done at home with regular grounds and create a coffee that is 50 to 60 percent less acidic and has 25 percent less caffeine. Make sure to allow 12 hours for the process.Coffee on the GoAs the demand for low-acid coffee rises, it is becoming more available in cafes and restaurants–so having a cup of low-acid coffee is no longer limited to brewing at home.ResourcesreferenceBrewed Daily

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