Biolage hair product reviews

Biolage hair product reviews

When used on a regular basis, Biolage shampoo, conditioner, and gel leave hair healthy, hydrated, and with a beautiful shine.

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By Alison Faria

Searching for the best hair care products can be a daunting task. Too often, consumers find themselves with hair care products that have diminished the color in their dyed hair, been left with greasy build-up after using particular hair care products for too long, or simply been left with hair that is unmanageable and dry. For people such as these, it would be advisable to choose the line of Biolage hair care products. Their shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel achieves great results.

The shampoo for color-treated hair has a pleasant smell. Too many other shampoos have an overwhelming perfume-like aroma, but this Biolage product has a very refreshing smell that is vaguely reminiscent of spring flowers. Additionally, some shampoos themselves look very thick in composition, which is an indicator of them leaving eventual build-up in the hair, but Biolage shampoo is clear and of a serum-like consistency. For those with shorter hair, only a small amount of shampoo is needed (about the size of a quarter). For those with especially long hair, a slightly larger amount is recommendable, just be sure that no hair is missed. The shampoo is also quite easy to rinse out, and provides a refreshing feeling.

Follow up the shampoo with the conditioner for color-treated hair. Biolage products are especially effective in that they use natural ingredients to nourish the hair. The conditioner is non-greasy, and when the hair has been rinsed it feels quite smooth and free of tangles. Like, the shampoo, is has a very refreshing aroma. It should be noted that for people with long hair, shampooing alone can lead to tangles, thus it is particularly important to use the conditioner. Additionally, hair that has been dyed has the tendency to dry out, and the Biolage shampoo and conditioner infuses hair with nutrients and moisture, in addition to preserving hair color.

For those with especially unmanageable hair, it is important, after the conditioner has been washed out of the hair, to apply Biolage hair gel. The hair gel is of the same consistency as the shampoo, and can be worked easily through the hair with the fingers acting like a comb, and then dry as desired. The gel can also be scrunched into the hair if one prefers to have waves and curls. The gel only needs to be applied sparingly, as too much can make the hair feel limp. As a general beauty rule, only about a nickel-sized amount of gel should be used.

Biolage hair care products for hair that has not been dyed are similar in their efficiency. The only real difference is that the hair care products for hair that has been dyed are a bit gentler for that very reason. Biolage is more frequently found in hair salons, but check a convenience store such as CVS, as they generally tend to carry Biolage products. The only real drawback to the Biolage line of hair car products is that they each tend to be rather expensive. However, one quickly overlooks the price after noticing how great it makes the hair look. If one is looking for natural, nutrient-enriched hair care products that will leave the hair healthy and with a beautiful shine, Biolage hair care products are among the best.

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