Best Way to Remove Upper Lip Hair

By L. Sefcik

Best Way to Remove Upper Lip Hair

Upper lip hair removal isn’t something many people like to talk about, but is something many people simply need to do. So what are the options for this hair removal and which is the best one?

By L. Sefcik

OverviewThere are a number of ways to remove upper lip hair. But which one is the best? This depends on the amount of time you have to spend on removing the hair–and the amount of money at your disposal.VaniqaVaniqua is a topical treatment approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to reduce facial hair. It must be prescribed by a doctor.Laser Hair RemovalLaser treatments are effective on people with fair skin and dark hair. However, hair removal is not permanent, and only a 50 to 70 percent hair loss reduction is noted with these treatments; treatments cost from $150 to $350 (2009 costs).Waxing and SugaringWaxing and sugaring are salon treatments in which a wax or gel is applied to the skin, after which a cloth strip is applied and pulled off, removing hair from the roots. Results last from two to six weeks; the average cost of these services is $10 to $15.DepilatoriesDepilatory creams dissolve hair, with results lasting one to two weeks; these can be purchased for under $10 at most drugstores. However, because hair is removed at skin level, dark hair roots can still show.BleachingWhile technically not hair removal, women with dark upper lip hair may find that bleaching it makes it less prominent. Bleaching kits can be purchased at a drugstore for under $10.ResourcesreferenceVaniqa.comreferenceCost Helper (Waxing)resourceHair Removal Journal: Treatments

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