Best Hair Removal Methods

By L. Sefcik

Best Hair Removal Methods

When you’re trying to find the best way to remove unwanted hair, there are many products and treatments to choose from. Finding the best hair removal system can come down to your preference.

By L. Sefcik

OverviewWhen it comes to hair removal methods, salons, dermatologists and drugstores offer a wide array to choose from. The “best” method depends on the amount of money you have to spend, as well as how much time you have.Laser Hair RemovalThis technique is used under the direction of a medical professional and yields long-term results. Usually three laser treatments are required to notice significant results.Waxing and SugaringWax or sugar gel is applied to the skin, after which a cloth strip is applied and quickly removed. Hair grows back in three to eight weeks; however, with repeated removal, hair growth becomes more sparse.ElectrolysisElectrolysis is the most permanent form of hair removal and is performed by a skilled esthetician. A fine needle is slipped into the skin next to the follicle to deliver an electric jolt that kills that hair root.EpilatorsThese devices resemble electric razors and consist of small rotating blades that grasp hair and remove it.Prescription TopicalsVaniqa is the only topical treatment approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration used to reduce hair. This medication is appropriate for facial use and requires a doctor’s prescription.ResourcesreferenceCost of WaxingreferenceNatural Hair EpilatorsresourceHair Removal Journal: TreatmentsresourceVaniqa.Com

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REFERENCE/RESOURCE: Natural Hair Removal

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