Best At Home Body Cleanse

By Abbey Baker

Best At Home Body Cleanse

Cleansing your body is something you can do at home with the right products. Letting go of the toxins built up in your system can do wonders for your health.

By Abbey Baker

OverviewThe term “body-cleanse” refers to the process of detoxifying your body, releasing the harmful toxins that linger in your body from diet, alcohol, tobacco use and other factors. There are many types of at-home body cleanses. The following cleanses are the most effective and least dangerous cleanses you can do in the comfort of your home.Master cleanseThe master cleanse was created by Stanley Burroughs, and involves drinking a simple mixture for ten days. The mixture is made of two tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, two tablespoons of grade B maple syrup, a half teaspoon of red pepper or cayenne pepper, and ten ounces of pure water. The cleanse is said to detox the body, and give people a fresh start to a healthy lifestyle by eliminating bad eating habits. After ten days, you begin eating again, first with raw fruits and vegetables and eventually working up to a normal, healthy diet.Body detox wrapA body detox wrap involves a natural scrub, which can be purchased at many health food stores, followed by wrapping the scrubbed skin in bandages for an hour. The tight bandages are said to release the toxins stored up in the body. Some people recommend doing light exercises while your body is wrapped, to increase sweating and aid the release of chemicals.Ion footbathAn ion detoxification is based on the theory of ion electricity. In an ion footbath, ions enter your body and help to release tissue waste. You can buy these footbaths and use them in your own home. They are said to help with memory, sleep, stress, pain, bladder control and sexual health. Some of the kits you can purchase are the IonCleanse and the Aok Ion Cell Cleanse.Simple cleansing foodsThere are many foods and beverages that are said to have cleansing abilities. If you do not want to commit to a full body cleanse, but would like to help your body cleanse itself through small dietary changes, this may be something to consider. These foods include prunes, coffee, ghee, sena tea, apricots, onions and high fiber foods such as oats and grains. Adding these things to your diet may not have the immediate effects of a full body cleanse, but will help enable your body to rid itself of toxins.CautionsIt is wise to consult a physician before performing a body cleanse. You will likely lose a lot of water weight, especially through the body wrap, so be sure to fully hydrate yourself. Visit our website and get exclusive sign up free spins and no deposit real money bonuses If you try the master cleanse, try not to take part in strenuous physical activity during the cleanse and do not ingest drugs or alcohol or smoke tobacco products. If doing the ion footbath, be sure to follow the instructions regarding what supplements to take during the cleanse, as you will lose many vitamins and minerals throughout the process.ResourcesreferenceMore info about Stanley Burroughs’ master cleanse.referenceRecipes for at-home body wraps.referenceIon Footbath body cleanse.resourceFood that cleanses the body.

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