Aromatherapy eye pillows

Aromatherapy eye pillows

Need to relax and escape a hectic day? Try ending the rush hour blues with a relaxation ritual that includes an aromatherapy eye pillow.

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By Melissa LaRose

Escape, relax, unwind, and let go are all buzz words in the spa and beauty industries. The time and expense of heading for a spa on a weekly basis is unreachable for most of us. The best we can do is attempt to duplicate the spa treatments we favor or require. Pay attention the next time you are involved in a spa treatment and you will notice the first thing the therapist will do is set the mood by putting you into a relaxing posture and allow you to slow yourself down. One of the simplest ways to apply relaxation techniques at home is by closing your eyes and using your imagination to take you out of the workday world and to wherever you may desire to go.

Unwinding is a difficult thing to do with your eyes open. The human eye receives thousands of images and visual queues throughout the course of a day. Visual images stimulate the brain and consequently the body to respond, act or react. Turning off these messages or at least slowing them down is necessary to the relaxation process. Most of these messages have no bearing on who we are and what our purpose is so why keep them around day in and day out? Get rid of them as quickly as possible and your mind and body will function in a more purposeful manner.

A great way to block out the outside world and relax the eye is by using an aromatherapy eye pillow. These can be bought or easily made to suit your needs. Usually made with a soft fabric (Cotton and silk are both used. Cotton is washable where as some silk is not.) and filled with an herb or herb mix, these pillows are laid across the eye to block out the light and soothe the eye and eye area. Not only do they work their magic on the eyes but your nose will love the scent as well. In fact, that is where a lot of the relaxation benefit comes from, the scent.

Take note by doing some research to learn what herbs you might be interested in trying. The best-known herb for aromatherapy pillows, baths and relaxation in general is lavender. Many of the pre-made pillows you can buy in the stores are filled with lavender. Many people do not care for lavender and if you are one of these folks then you have many other choices. Some pillows are filled with flaxseed and are scented or unscented and others are filled with a blend of herbs including orange peel and chamomile.

If you do not want to make your own eye pillow, choose a pillow to purchase that is refillable. Many are not refillable and eventually the aromatherapy component will fade. Time and use will release the herbal affects contained within. Obviously the perk of purchasing a refillable pillow is that the aromatherapy benefit can be renewed whenever the user would like to do so.

1. Begin with a dimly lit room and a comfortable place to recline.
2. Choose music that you enjoy but is also calming and relaxing. Experiment with what works best for you. The marketplace is full of great choices – Native American, Egyptian influenced, Celtic harp or even classical music can work. Suggestion: Listen through the whole CD or tape before using the music for relaxation. Some artists throw in an upbeat or chaotic tune now and then and you could find yourself blasted out of your relaxed moment if you are unprepared for it.
3. Recline and place the aromatherapy eye pillow across the eyes and allow your mind to focus on something that brings you joy. Create the environment you truly want to be a part of within those thoughts.
4. As an added bonus choose a scented candle to burn during your relaxation time.

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