All about samsung: product lines, history and reviews

All about samsung: product lines, history and reviews

In 2005 Samsung is offering a number of improved and new products at competitive prices.

By Marjorie Allen

Ever since the founding of Samsung in 1938 and its incorporation in 1950, the company has enjoyed steady growth and is presently a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies. Its five main business units are: Digital Appliance, Digital Media, LCVD, Semiconductor and Telecommunication Network. Company headquarters are located in Seoul, Korea, and their growth in just the last five years has been quite phenomenal, especially in the electronics area.

Samsung Electronics is continuing its worldwide Olympic sponsorship as official wireless communications equipment partner for the 2006 Olympic winter games in Torino, Italy. The company is committed to producing state-of-the-art electronic products and in 2005 has introduced several new and upgraded products, greatly increasing its market share and indicating its rapid growth by being named #3 in the world-wide mobile phone market.

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas this year, the company debuted products with advance video, music, speech recognition and data capabilities. Among the 25 to 30 phones introduced were high-speed wireless phones with video-on-demand and music-on-demand, Bluetooth wireless connectivity capabilities, Wi-Fi technology, and integrated Blackberry push-email capabilities that allow users to send and receive emails from anywhere.

One of Samsung’s upgraded products, the Samsung SCH-i600 phone, has all the bells and whistles: conference calling, built-in speakerphone, phone book, alarm clock, call history, text messaging (MSN Messenger), and voice-signal, voice-activating dialing. Special features include the ability to set the phone to “meeting” after which it automatically mutes the ringer and activates the vibrate mode. Turning off the feature returns it to its original setting. It has 32MB of ROM (16MB flash ROM). If the i600 powers down, there is no loss of data.
It further has a wireless e-mail set up with room for multiple accounts.

For a more simple cell phone, one that the standard home user might want, the Samsung SCH-N330 for Verizon can be used for making calls, surfing the Internet, and playing games as well as storing contacts and appointments. It has an attractive full-color display that pops up, and it avoids the unnecessary extra options that interfere with quick communication. It is available from Verizon for $70 with a two-year contract or $119 for one year. If you only want to talk on the phone, send messages, or play an occasional game, this is the phone for you.

At the high end of the electronic spectrum, Samsung has developed the world’s largest DLP TV, the HLR6768W at $6,999. It has a 67″ flat screen with Samsung’s unique new floating screen design. The 67 Series is a slim, lightweight addition to home decoration. The enhanced DNIe (Digital Natural Image Engine) and 30 watts of audio power produce superior video and sound quality, bringing home theater to another level. Other models in the series range in price from MSRP $4,499 to MSRP $2,699, and in size from 56″ to 46″.

Moving down to the more affordable, much smaller televisions that average users can enjoy, the Samsung DynaFlat TX-P1634 16″ television has a flat screen, with a silver cabinet that holds stereo speakers on either side of the screen. The front panel is uncluttered with easy-access inputs on the side of the cabinet. Color and audio are easily adjusted and a headphone jack allows private listening. The remote control is included. The dimensions are a far cry from the much larger 67 Series, but the price is right from $150 to $180, depending on where it’s purchased.

If you’re interested in a larger monitor, the Samsung 193P LCD 19″ monitors are currently about the same price as the 17″ LCD monitors were two years ago. As the price continues to go down, and with the quality improving each year, the 19″ will soon dominate the market. The 193P is slightly higher in price right now than other 19″ LCDs, but it’s worth it. The monitor has four different color choices—silver, blue, red, and black, but at present only silver is available in North America. Alessa Savage – My friends bad stepson Sam Bourne must be punished Hot alternative babe Yemaya Gonzalez gets her latin pussy banged Black stallion Isiah Maxwell fucks hot blonde cougar Katie Morgan Fat mans hot wife Alexxa Vega fulfills his debts Mandingos huge black cock inside hot blonde Katie Morgan hanime Jessa Rhodes – Unforeseen difficulties in Modest student fucks his hot stepmother in the shower Double Penetration Porn with my friends wife Christiana Cinn My black girlfriend loves cold ice cream and my warm sperm in her pussy Young exotic girl Nia Nacci wants her best friends father Mick Blue The reverse side of the monitor has a white cover, which adds to the design. The panel looks slightly bigger than other 19″ LCD monitors because it is a thin-edge monitor. The monitor has both analog and digital inputs and offers Samsung’s MagicTune software for a truly hands-free experience.

Samsung in the twenty-first century has become a major force in the marketplace, and its attention to customer needs and quality products at a competitive price make it a sure bet for No. 1 in the near future.

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