All about astara skin care products

All about astara skin care products

This article highlights the benefits of using Astara Skin Care products—with a focus on their functionality with each other and alone.

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By Annessa Babic

Astara Conscious Skin Care is an innovative skin care line that relies on simplicity and sensibility. Accordingly, the company prides itself on the fact that its products rely on four basic principles of skin care. Astara Skin Care cleanses, repairs, replenishes, and revives your skin—while relying on reusable packing and cruelty free products to give their consumers the best product they can. Additionally, the products do not contain animal products or by-products. Using these products on the daily basis will make your skin feel like you have just stepped out of the spa—everyday. This benefit, alone, will give you a feeling of indulgence and splendor for a fraction of the time and money.

The products are broken down into four basic skin care categories—cleansing, reviving, replenishing, and repairing. The cleansing category has three main products—a botanical cleansing gel, a daily refining scrub, and a toner. The botanical cleansing gel is lightly foaming, light, and concentrated. Just a few drops of this solution will lather and cleanse your face—leaving it feeling sun-kissed and pure. The daily refining scrub acts gently and concisely on the skin—preventing unnecessary damage to pores or capillaries. Lastly, the toner uses lactic acid over the more popularized glycolic acid (found in most toners at department, specialty, and drug stores), and the lactic acid makes Astara’s toner more hydrating. But more importantly, each of these products works independently and together to give your skin a luxurious finish. Using just one product in this line will give you a softer complexion, but using all three will give your skin a finish and feel that you will make you wonder why you ever used another product.

In the replenishing section of their skin care, Astara has produced a concisely concentrated line that glides on smoothly, does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy, and the lotions and face serums are all lightweight and many have UV protection. These lotions come in formulas created for any skin type, and unlike other products they do not need to be used with other products for the full effect. Instead, as with the cleansing products, using an Astara moisturizer by itself will give you divine results. But, using it with the cleansing and revitalizing products will give your skin a bonus appeal—that is your already soft complexion will develop a softer and purer appearance that is only achieved from using such a luxurious product line.

Lastly, the revitalizing products mainly consist of face masks that are easy to use, smell nice, and clean up with ease. These face masks do not have the strong, and often abrasive, aroma that many face mask have because Astara relies upon botanical products to create its cleansers. Thus, this natural product will add to the soft skin and “fresh spa” feel that your skin has obtained from using other Astara products.

Until recently, Astara Conscious Skin Care was only available at high end resort and day spas and salons, but now this wonderful product line is available through the internet. Just visit their website for ordering instructions.

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