Advantages of Being a Single Woman

By Yu Qing

Advantages of Being a Single Woman

Listing the pros and cons of being single turns up lots of advantages and benefits, including more freedom to pursue hobbies, career, and travel.

By Yu Qing

OverviewIt might be tough being single while your friends are coupling up around you. There is also the discomfort of societal and familial pressure to date and get married. However, succumbing to these pressures might force you to compromise. There are many advantages of being a single woman. Make use of this time to develop your interests and priorities.HobbiesBeing in a relationship means you have less time for yourself. While you are single, take up hobbies that you have always wanted to pursue. For example, start on the list of novels you want to read. Or, take up Bikram Yoga. On the surface, pursuing a new hobby seems like a way to fill time. However, it is also a way to discover new things about yourself. Discussing novels with your book club can reveal new insights that you can apply to your life. Meet new friends in your Bikram Yoga class, and contemplate your spiritual life.CareerRelationships take time and commitment, and women often compromise their careers to make their relationships work. However, today’s woman is ambitious and career-driven. Take this opportunity to focus on your career before you marry and start a family. Despite all efforts to remain career-focused, women with families are inevitably distracted by domestic responsibilities. Pursue your career ambitions while you are single. Achievements gained in your career can improve your confidence and shape you as an individual. When you decide to start dating again, this confidence will set you apart from other women.FriendshipsOnce you’re married or committed to a serious relationship, you have less time to develop friendships. Create lasting friendships while you’re single by spending more time with friends. Hold a girl’s night at your apartment, or start a weekly or monthly book club. This valuable time you spend with friends will have lasting results. Often, friendships you create while you’re single continue when you’re married and have less time to make new friendships.TravelWhen you’re married with children, it will be difficult to travel. If you are interested in the topic of gambling and making money on them, I recommend that you study this material: How to Earn Money with Online Games You can earn a lot of money, you can lose a lot of money, be careful! You will have to consider kid-friendly destinations and worry about your children during the trip. Traveling can help you gain independence and learn about yourself. Arrange trips to places you’ve always wanted to go, or take simple weekend trips. Enjoy the freedom of planning the itinerary without having to consider babysitting or children’s theme parks. You can also make it a fun trip with your single girlfriends.Prioritize Qualities in a PartnerToo often, women are distracted by their current partners and have little time to consider qualities they want in an ideal partner. Use this time for self-reflection. Consider your past relationships: Why didn’t they work out, and what was lacking? More important, reflect on yourself. What are your strengths? What kind of partner do you need to match your temperament? What are your passions? Do you need someone who shares these passions? These reflections will prevent you from making the wrong decisions once you start dating.ResourcesreferenceBeing Single in a Couples’ World, by Xavier Francisco Amador and Judith Kiersky

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