About Clerical Careers

By Taunda Edwards

About Clerical Careers

Choosing a clerical career can lead you down many paths. Banks, hotels, and the healthcare field are but a few of the industries that offer clerical jobs, both part time and full time. The options are endless!

By Taunda Edwards

OverviewA career in clerical work is more than answering the phone, watering plants and fixing coffee for board meetings. Clerical workers have more responsibility, including handling business for executives. Some clerical workers have staff that work under them, which they are responsible for training and managing. A clerical career can lead to a top level position if you gain the experience and training needed.Office DutiesSecretaries and administrative assistants are communication managers for the office. Clerical workers organize files and meetings, accept and make inbound and outbound calls, handle emails, and are often in charge of making travel arrangements and accommodations for the other office employees and upper level management.Excecutive Clerical PositionDepending on the type of clerical position you hold, and the company you are working for, you may also have to prepare presentations for the office executive or director. These presentations will require accurate and detailed research on the topic being discussed. Working as an executive secretary or for the director of the company and department, you will be asked to write correspondence and memos for the boss.Medical CareerIf you have a clerical career in the medical field, you will need to have an understanding of medical terminology. Understanding medical procedures, encoding, and billing practices are necessities. There are training and certification programs you may take to help grow your clerical career in the medical field.Order ProcessorYou can have a clerical career as an order processor. This position differs from customer service, because you are inputting data, and performing corrections on orders. As an order processor, you will approve orders before they are processed. You will work with accounting to verify customer accounts are accurate and that pricing for the orders are accurate.AccountingA clerical worker in accounting has the responsibility of handling incoming and outgoing invoices. The clerk will make sure that all bills are paid on time and often help the accounting director and controller with keeping an accurate ledger. Accounting clerical jobs include filing of invoices and purchase orders.ResourcesreferenceSecretaries And Administrative AssistantsreferenceAdministrative And Clerical Careers

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